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Dragon Sage007
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(1/17/04 11:50 pm)
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Banj=/=Lys :{
I give a log, starting with Sean not knowing who Banj was!

Kekkou Aoshi: Lintmancer = ?
DWSage009: It's Lys.
DWSage009: <_< >_> I swear it.

Then later, when Banj was actually active...

Lintmancer: BWEE!
DWSage009: *Makes effort to give Lys sugar, though!*
TheWaiChibiAngel: *Yo, Lys.*
Lintmancer: ^o^
Smartzvn85: .....
Lintmancer: *chomps V before he says something*
Smartzvn85: This is hilarious!
Smartzvn85: *looks at something he is doing*
Smartzvn85: I mean, how can people believe this guy? XD
Smartzvn85: ...No biteys Lys.
Smartzvn85: Its not good for the diet.
Lintmancer: ;.;
TheWaiChibiAngel: *Vince is very high in carbs.*
Lintmancer: ;o;
DWSage009: *Thwaps Lys* Bad Chibi.
TheWaiChibiAngel: *:Hugs Lys: It's okay, we'll just put you on a diet. :(*
Lintmancer: *ish a sad chibi*
Smartzvn85: ....I'm not made out of bread or potatoes!
Smartzvn85: ...Ok, maybe potatoes.

However, the fun ended when Banj 'lurked for RP' and Kate spoiled it with 'Banj is RPing? Woah."

And I lost the actual log when I got errored out of chat. This was all I IMed to Lys.

Banj also IMed me with a line I shall never forget.

Lintmancer: I think being that happy caused me actual physical pain


Ash Fanrico 
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(1/18/04 1:02 am)
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Re: Banj=/=Lys :{
*can't stop laughing* Good one Banj... good one... :thumbsup:

Thanks DW for posting this...

"So instead of finding a real warrior, you go out and get little girl in hootchie skirt?" - Nicolai, Resident Evil 3 (not really)

Shinigori V2 

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(1/18/04 2:41 am)
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Re: Banj=/=Lys :{
You do see that it was Sage that started it?

Why Barius has no family reunions.

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