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Red Mage Rydia

Posts: 2253
(8/18/04 11:16 pm)
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Me = Going to Japan Friday.

You are all to amuse me with things I should look for in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Brian has mentioned...panty...vending machines........

Words to live by:
OMG PRIAM: ninja sex would be neither felt nor seen by either partner
OMG PRIAM: each would just suddenly need a smoke
Choark: Good luck there. You'll have to shit out darkness and send people into oblivion.

Legendary Cybertronian
Posts: 7778
(8/18/04 11:37 pm)
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Re: Bye.
Look for ninja. They're everywhere. Just sort of hard to spot.

This month's "Transformer of the Month" is Springer! He turns into a car and a helicopter, and his primary function is belittling Rodimus Prime.

Posts: 2094
(8/18/04 11:37 pm)
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Re: Bye.
Anything mentioned in the episode of Mission Hill where Jim goes to Japan.

They are:

Musical cigarettes
Anus Bar

... those are good enough, right?

Anyways, I'll miss you desperately! Enjoy yourself!


Crawling Reshiki
Usagi Fetish
Posts: 7978
(8/19/04 12:02 am)
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Re: Bye.
Gigantic wooden male members.
Japanese businessmen singing karaoke.
Various knock-offs of Ring-style ghosts (in terms of movies and whatnot)

Spiffy Disco Tickets
Posts: 1364
(8/19/04 1:20 am)
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Re: Bye.
The robot that turns into everything.

And, uh, watch out for tentacles. They'll come up from the sewers and grab you if you're not aware.

Posts: 944
(8/19/04 1:48 am)
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Re: Bye.
Psh, they'll 'only' grab you if you're lucky, but we're not going into what happens if you're not lucky.

teenage squeal
Posts: 6
(8/19/04 2:49 am)
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Re: Bye.
Buddha's Snot sweets! Mmm...irreverance.

El Karpou Por Vida!

Vive! #1


Posts: 115
(8/19/04 3:43 am)
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And mechs. Everyone in japan has a mech so don't upset them. Unless you have one and give them a shinning finger or sumthing.

I still think that is the worst attack line to every come from the gundam series and an anime.

Dungeon Block H

Posts: 407
(8/19/04 4:44 am)
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Re: bye
Just make sure you don't reveal the location of the gold.

Crazy Mage Woman
with a Pixie

Posts: 1784
(8/19/04 7:26 am)
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Re: bye
*Waves* G'bye, Amanda, and good luck. Have fun on the other hemisphere, and watch out for [insert anime and/or videogame reference here].

*Megaman sounds like a little girl*-Uncle Pervy, on the Voice Acting in MM8

Doom Comes In Yellow
Posts: 4851
(8/19/04 8:49 am)
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Re: bye
Have fun! We'll miss having you around. :{

FF Fanatic 80 
Chronic MPD Sufferer
Posts: 1192
(8/19/04 9:11 am)
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Re: bye
Indeed v_v

BUT! You are to have much fun and hijinx there, and maybe occasionally let us know how you're doing =]

Will Rennar 
Posts: 226
(8/19/04 9:20 am)
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Re: bye
Have fun, and stay clear of Yokuzoka. A few of the guys I knew back in Chicago are stationed there, and trust me, you don't wanna be anywhere near them.

Also, if I was able to get a few bucks to ya, I'd ask ya to have a Sapporo for me, but....oh well.

Will Rennar / Asura Calibre

The Rosetta Stone -- The Sketchpad -- Asura's Harem

The Judge of No Pants
Posts: 3458
(8/19/04 11:26 am)
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Re: bye
Xaq needs to learn to spell "yakuza."

Look for cigarette vending machines, even if you don't smoke. The Japanese have crazy insane cigarettes, and even the package designs are neat sometimes.

Keep an eye out for "love hotels," which are almost always easy to spot because they're so gaudy. They tend to look very fantasy-ish or sci-fi, so castle-shaped buildings are probably it. The Japanese took "get a room" to a whole new level and invented a hotel that provides you with everything from bondage gear to video recording equipment. Not that you necessarily need to stay in one, they're just visually amusing.

Find a DDR machine! Play DDR in Japan! Look silly next to the Asian experts, it's great fun! I tried to play in hiking boots. That was a bad, bad idea...

See Tokyo Tower, but don't get sucked into an interdimensional rift and end up in a magical girl anime.

Look around for the nifty Japanese toilets that have built in heating, douche, and bidet systems. Those things are nuts, and awesome in a good way.

Go to a revolving sushi restaurant (I think the Japanese name is kaiten-zushi, but don't quote me on that, look it up for yourself). It's the sushi equivalent of cheap eating, and it'll cost you half what it would to get the same quantity of sushi in America--and I guarantee you it'll be good quality. Enjoy it with a pot of hot sake. :D

If you like beer, I happen to think that the best brand of Japanese beer is Asahi.

Go to a mall or equivalent. Especially check out the game stores, they often have previews for things that may or may not come out here (last year I saw the preview demos for the new Star Ocean game). Don't buy anything unless you're sure it'll be compatible with your home system: games often are, but hardware may not be (like the Para-para Paradise set I almost bought, but thankfully didn't). Get stuff pre-release, even though it'll be in Japanese! Be able to shop J-pop CDs without paying extremely high import costs!

HAVE FUN. Take pictures. Drop by a cyber-cafe sometime and drop us all a line!

~Brian's guide to visiting Japan

Posts: 617
(8/19/04 11:51 am)
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Re: bye
Xaq needs to learn to spell "yakuza."

Or Yokusoka, at least. Since I doubt Xaq's friends are stationed at the Japanese mafia. :D

And to Amanda: I hope you have fun while there. I can't really think of much else to say that hasn't been already, but I know you've been looking forward to it from some time, and I hope you enjoy it greatly.

"Never let your morals get in the way of doing what is right" - Salvor Hardin

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Jak Snide 
Rum Guzzling Bastard
Posts: 5681
(8/19/04 12:15 pm)
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Re: bye
Try not to get molested on the subway, 'kay?

The Judge of No Pants
Posts: 3459
(8/19/04 12:22 pm)
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Re: bye
Oh. I'm an idiot!

pd Rydia 
Dia, Innkeep of Justice
Posts: 9639
(8/19/04 1:05 pm)
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Re: bye
Have lots of fun and take pictures of Engrish!

"Estella was born 50 years ago from a rock. I know it's true because she told me. Isn't that a great tale?" -- Kidd

The Judge of No Pants
Posts: 3460
(8/19/04 1:16 pm)
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Re: bye

Buy me one, too. :D


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Cuddly Ohioan Chauffeur
Posts: 3863
(8/19/04 1:25 pm)
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Re: bye
Just to clarify, the Brian she mentioned is that one, not this one.

At any rate... I would suggest that you have at least one insane Pocky and Ramune binge session, 'cause I'm pretty sure that's something I would definitely invest in if I ever found myself in Japan.

Sorry you didn't get a big send-off, or even a little one, really... Team Ryo-OH/KY will just have to make it up to you when you get back. *nod* We'll miss you. :(

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Fanstuff Ferret

Posts: 1096
(8/19/04 9:16 pm)
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Re: bye
I'll miss you Amanda. If you find one of those tentacle monsters mentioned earlier, and it's at all reasonable to attempt to do so, try to catch a couple and bring them back to America.

T-Monsters would be a great way to police stupid people. It can work. Really. =D


Jeridan: Holder of the "Tastes like Chicken" Award.

"IM: ....my brother is a baby drinker." ~Ara

Cuddly Ohioan Chauffeur
Posts: 3865
(8/19/04 11:29 pm)
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Re: bye
Don't forget, tentacle monsters are weak against plot.

Birdo Lover
(Made in Mexico)

Posts: 1913
(8/19/04 11:35 pm)
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Re: bye
good luck,meow.
as for crazy stuff, i once heard of this phone booth like thingies were you pay for CLEAN AIR, if they do exist, take a picture.
i could put a warning here, but, im not too witty.


my deviant art thingy!
"THE SONG! IT EATS MY BRAIN! MAKE IT STOP!"-Red(from Red love, By bunnygirle)

Official Jesus of RPGWW
Posts: 1166
(8/20/04 4:45 am)
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Re: bye
:O Japan eh? I hear there is a lot of Asian people in Japan.


i see...

Posts: 703
(8/22/04 1:06 am)
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Re: bye
Amanda. I will pay you in money and whatever else you desire if you bring me BOMB FACTORY CDs!!

Oh and watch out for my fangirls. If they smell me on you at all, they'll tear your clothes off your body, and possibly rend your flesh.

And fear not. I'll be watching over you. *Zooms off at ninja speed toward Japan*

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