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Ereal Snippelit Monped
(of doom)

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(1/8/03 1:25:34 am)
Re: Sage's current DF char
He was beat up a lot as a kid, that much I know.

*ups post count*

Ash Fanrico 
Friendly Neighborhood Hero
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(1/8/03 2:38:26 pm)
Re: Sage's current DF char
Name: HARBINGER (this is of course not his true name)
Race: Bio-Monster (Was once a human)
Age: Unknown
Quirks: Has a regenerative ability to heal all wounds gradually over time. About seven feet tall as well. Maybe undead. Has a large metallic mask over his face, which only has eye holes and holes for his nose. Carries around a large machete, and has a sickening bloodlust.
Hair: (what's left of it) Wirey Pale Grey hair.
Nation of Origin: Unknown
Affiliations: None.
Current Status: Alive and Extremely Deadly

Backstory: Who knows what those scientists hoped to achieve. Who knows what they were intending to create when they made Harbinger. All it seemed to do was create a seemingly unstoppable serial killer.

Harbinger doesn't think much, mostly acts and reacts. He does though know when to leave a situation or scene. Also has enough experience with cops to leave an area when he hears their sirens. He doesn't speak either. Though he does grunt from time to time, depending on the force of the blows he recieves.

Note- He can heal most wounds, meaning cuts, bullet wounds, huge slashes, piercing wounds, etc. But if he were to be decapitated, that'd end his assault. He'd be dead. But very few know of this.

"You know if someone's good if all they need to kick your sorry ass is a long piece of wood with hay attatched at the end! That or they're fucking nuts." --- About da Broom

Uncle Pervy 
Pacifist Angel

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(1/10/03 2:44:38 am)
Re: Sage's current DF char
Priam and I were talking about this Earlier, and he suggested I bring it here.

I want to know what everyone thinks of this as a character.

Name: Pojo

Race: Metroid (Larval)

Quirks: Lots of 'em. Flight, Lives off of energy (it's been fed rats all it's life), immune to radioactive poisoning, very rudimentary communication ability, Semi-amorphous, looks freaky as hell.

Hair: None

Nation of Origin: Non Applicable (Technically America)

Affliation: None

Current Status: Lost, Confused, and Hungry.

History: Pojo is the creation of a bioweapons research facility. Originally, it was meant to be able to assault and drain a target of it's life energy in the space of seconds. However, Pojo did not live up to this, taking minutes to fully drain a full grown human. Marked as a Failure, the creature was scheduled for termination, rather than have its existance discovered. It managed to escape en route, and broke free into the world.

Now it wanders around, trying to hunt small animals to survive. It has tried to attack humans, but being small (A bit larger than a basket ball), it has not had a great deal of success.

It is not known how intelligent Pojo is. The researchers determined it was at least as intelligent as most breeds of dog; and some suspected far moreso.

OOC Notes: Once found, Pojo will likely serve as a sort of familiar or companion to another character. Also, unlike true metroids, Pojo can be killed like most other creatures can be. But hitting a vital organ might be a little tricky :P

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Ash Fanrico 
Friendly Neighborhood Hero
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(1/10/03 8:44:34 am)
:blank: *confused*

Ereal Snippelit Monped
(of doom)

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(1/10/03 9:03:28 am)
Re: eh?
....Wouldn't a metroid constantly be hunted by those it escaped from? And anyone who's played the Metroid series of games would recognize it right off, too.

Honestly, I don't really think it's a good idea...

edit: When I say that I don't think it's a good idea, what I mean is that I, among others, think that it's a downright terrible idea.

*ups post count*

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Dragon Sage007
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(1/10/03 5:12:03 pm)
Re: eh?
Also, we're trying to be discreet about all this. So, if a metroid comes floating down the street, one of three things will happen.

Random person:o .o >_> *Dumps booze out on the street*

Random person2:EEEEEEKKK!!!! *Faints*

Random person3:...Someone call animal control! It's on my face!

WOOOOOOO, I'M FLAT CHESTED!!! ^_^ ~Daniel Hyral

Sorune could come to an amazing epiphany in his meditations, a new way of looking at the universe, a new interconnectedness with the world...that has the side effect of turning him into a catgirl. XD Sorune: I UNDERSTAND! *POOF* Mew? ~Mike, a.k.a. Knightsofsquare

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Uncle Pervy 
Pacifist Angel

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(1/10/03 5:45:48 pm)
Re: eh?
Note that it would have been a pet or familair of sorts. Thus, it could be kept hidden. Not hard given it's size.

And the idea has been trashed. So don't worry about it anymore.

Blaze Yamato Spirit 
President of the Aeris Fanclub
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(1/10/03 10:03:51 pm)
Re: eh?
Name: Reg Darwin
Race: Human

Quirks: Just your average human street thug with no good sense.

Hair: Short, black, unkempt

Nation of Origin: Teh USofA

Affliation: Anyone that wants a job done for relatively little money and no risk to themselves.

Current Status: Doing odd jobs for a mafia group through a small time local gang.

History: Reg has always been, and probably always will be, small time. He was born to two homeless people - it's really a miracle he survived, and for most of his life he did so by doing whatever had to be done to keep himself alive. He figures that he has no chance at a decent life, so he's better off just accepting them money and doing whatever's asked of him., and at least make sure his current situation is maintained, if not improved slightly. As a result he's often been involved in some pretty sticky situations. He's already been imprisoned for some minor offences - Not surprisingly, he enjoyed it.

Lord McBastard 
Princess of RPGWW
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(1/12/03 7:41:04 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Felix Drucker (real name Fritz von Waldron)
Race: Human
Age: 33
Quirks: All four limbs are cybergear, most of his organs have been similarly enhanced. His cyber limbs hold an array of illegal enhancements and weapons.
Hair: White and very short.
Nation of origin: Germany.
Affiliations: Kraftwerks (Stockholder), and the Schattenwirtschaft Division (Agent).
Current status: Alive.
Backstory: Born to the Waldron family Fritz was discovered to have no ability in the way of magic, though his family was a long line of powerful willworker. Rather than let Fritz feel an outsider, the family concealed it's true nature from him, and shipped him off to bussiness school as soon as he graduated. He never resented his family for this, though he did feel somewhat jaded towards them.

He proved to be very aprt at bussiness and finished near the top of his class. He became an employee of Kraftwerks, the German corporation at the cutting edge of military grade cybernetics. His knack for ruthlessness yet friendly demeanour moved him quickly through the ranks, eventually retiring at the age of 31 as a share holder.

After a skydiving accident left him crippled, his limbs were replaced with the best military grade cybernetics Kraftwerks could provide. He easily obtained permits to show his cybernetics were completely legitimate, they are so well concealed that it would take a fairly through inspection to seem otherwise. He became an employee of Kraftwerks again but this time in a much different capacity. He joined the Schattenwirtschaft (Shadow Economy) Division of the corporation and worked to rebuild his personal fortune. He took the working name Felix Drucker, and after spending two years assisting his company in less than legal ways, he became more wealthy than he had ever been before.

Though after all of this he realized he had changed, his friendliness was gone and replaced by a cold uncaring for the rest of the world. This did not affect the quality of his work, and infact made him feel liberated, and he attacked his job with fresh zeal.

Recently he was transfered to the American branch of the Schattenwirtschaft Division. Though he has not recieved any formal jobs, he has taken it upon himself to bring what Rosalie has in her head to Kraftwerks, though he is not completely sure what it is.

Little-known Fact #839: There are only twenty-three people alive today, and you're one of them; everyone else you know just looks human to lull you into not searching for the other twenty-two. Lonely? You should be.

The Z machine
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(1/30/03 10:37:53 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Rosalie and Dasek have become easily traceable again, so...

Name: Charles Kudrow
Race: Human
Age: 38
Quirks: None
Hair: black, very well kept
Nation of origin: America
Affiliations: Tycho, Inc.
Current status: Alive and active.
Backstory: Charles is a top grey-ops man for Tycho. He's a 'professional,' an operative, and once assigned to a case, he basically works on his own, with occasional accompaniment by a couple generic suits from the company. Kind to his inferiors, he treats those few he's assigned to train with care and respect--for he too was once among them. His style is much like you might think would belong to a seasoned policeman; strong, firm in his actions, and fearless. Always carries a pistol in a shoulder holster, and is trained in Pencak Silat as well as Arnis Kali Isat, both of which have saved his life a great many times. He wants to bring Rosalie in to Tycho, preferably alive, but any way will do.


Name: Jenna Connor
Race: Human
Age: 34
Quirks: She is a true mage, specializing in the Prime and Forces spheres (three each).
Hair: chin-length, straight, brown
Nation of origin: Nicaragua
Affiliations: Maas Biotech
Current status: Alive and active, hot on the trail of Rosalie
Backstory: Another covert operative for a megacorporation, Jenna is a 'retrieval expert' for Maas. She is a computer expert, and can hack into just about any system--usually undetected. Her mission is to find Rosalie, and possibly access the sought-after information on the spot, using whatever force is necessary. She knows her way around social situations and computer situations, but if engaged up close, is mostly defenseless.

She has planted a virus onto Rosalie's system (which got copied over to Rosalie's braindisk), which fed Jenna information about Rosalie's locations-of-access. She followed Rosalie and Dasek to Vegas, and is currently keeping a real-life eye on them, rather than a computer-based hook. Meanwhile, she investigates other ideas for cracking the forbidden sector on the braindisk...

"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
--Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
"Dear Lord God Jesus Motherfucking Christ, help me get through the day without shoving things up my anus and posting them on the internet." --Goatse 1:11

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Bar Patron

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(2/1/03 3:58:22 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Granger
Race: Human
Age: Looks mid 40's. Actually probably early 30's.
Quirks: has the ability to see through the veil of reality and view the supernatural/unnatural nature of things. This would be an incredibly awesome power if he wasn't a schizophrenic. In addition to his 'sight', he oftentimes has vivid hallucinations, hears voices in his head, and believes that everything he perceives is true.
Hair: Greasy. Looks black with grey streaks.
Nation of Origin: North America.
Affiliations: Enjoys the kindness of strangers and also that homeless shelter on 107th street and main.
Current Status: Homeless.
Backstory: Irrelevant but was probably a professional man before his schizophrenia too much to handle in mainstream life. Now lives his life on the streets, witnessing strange events (which isn't uncommon to him) and sleeping in homeless shelters. Is likely to refuse treatment if offered. Pretty much has the clothes on his back, a funny cardboard sign, and a scraggly old man's beard.

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pd Rydia 
Winner of The ''Holy Crap you
Picked that Lock'' Award

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(2/2/03 1:16:00 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
North America is not a nation. o.o

-=- "Bah, my past was full of drinking and polymorph spells." -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
-=- "I wanna get so drunk that I start seeing my friends as cows." -- Aya (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
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Lord McBastard 
A Big Slab of Ham
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(2/2/03 3:00:07 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
HAHA! I laugh at Luj's stupidity! Truely he made a horrible impression for his first post!

Little-known Fact #839: There are only twenty-three people alive today, and you're one of them; everyone else you know just looks human to lull you into not searching for the other twenty-two. Lonely? You should be.

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Ash Fanrico 
Friendly Neighborhood Hero
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(2/2/03 3:08:02 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
(Small Minor Character)
Name: Elias Servano (mainly cause i forgot what i originally called him)
Race: Human
Age: 60
Quirks: Scientific Expert and former-chief Genetic Engineer for the Military. Funny looking glasses
Hair: Gray hair.
Nation of Origin:Germany, but parents moved to America after he was born.
Affiliation: Various Scientific Branches and some Pharmacutical Companies.
Status: tracking down the escaped experiment

Backstory:( kinda lengthy, strange for a minor character) Young Elias was hailed by all who knew him and taught him to be a genius. He rose quickly in the Field of Education, earning degrees and various honors for his skills and his theories.

Naturally he was sought after by the Government as soon as he graduated from College. He was soon put to work on various projects. Most included various types of genetic research. Viral Strains, Cures to those strains, and Biochemical matters, among other things.

He recently had been put into a group by the Military. Their objective was to create the ultimate soldier, with advanced healing capacity, eliminating the worry about most combat wounds. The hours were long and the test subjects (animals) mostly resulted with the poor creatures dying.

Three years later, and many more failures, they finally stumbled upon something that would actually succeed. Servano took a sample to test it. The subjects were rats, the standard test subject.

After administering the sample, he poked one of the rats with a scalpel, causing massive blood loss to the animal. Miraculously, it stopped and began to heal itself. His colleagues were thrilled, they had finally turned the corner.

The Next Day, they planned to finally use it on a human subject, permitted by the government. Servano was still checking on the rats, seeing for possible side effects. What he saw shocked him, as the rats began to purposely kill each other, almost out of compulsion, without reason.

He quickly made this known to the others, but his colleagues just laughed him off and said he was a fool. They also feared he would try and sabotage their work. So he was taken off the team.

Naturally, as most of these things go... it ended in disaster. No sooner had they proved that the experiment worked, when the subject went insane. He began to demolish the lab, and slaughtered all within. Servano and a team of military personel went to the sight and found the remains of what had happened.

The subject, now a monstrous killing machine, had escaped. Now Servano seeks outside assistance in aiding him with destroying this monster, Subject H4281N632, or better known... as HARBINGER.

"You know if someone's good if all they need to kick your sorry ass is a long piece of wood with hay attatched at the end! That or they're fucking nuts." --- About da Broom

Ereal Snippelit Monped
(of doom)

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(2/5/03 12:44:07 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Aronthalos
Race: Vampire
Hair: Short blonde
Age: Active: 25 Inactive: about 2500
Description: Aronthalos hails from Greece, circa 475 BC. One of the extinct lines of vampires, he is the last one. He survives only to this day due to some very unusual circumstances.

Back in his home village, just inside the borders of the city state of Athens, Greece, Aronthalos was out with a hunting party one afternoon, and was separated from the rest of his group after he was knocked down a rocky incline by a particularly vicious wolf. The fall knocked him unconscious and left him with both arms broken and his ankle twisted so severely he could barely move it. When his friends searched around for him, they found only a bloody patch of grass at the bottom of the hill, and assumed he had been dragged off by predators.

In reality, though, he had been bitten by a vampire, turned, and stayed with him for several weeks while he recovered, feeding off the animals of the forest. During the time he stayed with the elder vampire, he was taught how to use his newfound powers (which I'll get to later), and eventually was instructed to set himself up as a god, starting with his former village, who had abandoned him.

All went well, though he was never seen in the daytime, and within the period of a week, he had the village at his beck and call. The parties of Aronthalos were hailed as the best ever, and he always had women within arms reach. Few could stand to remain in his presence without bowing down to him. Everything was going according to plan, until a young woman (who would later be discovered as an "oracle") saw him for what he truly was: an abomination. She gathered a small group of the town guard, and convinced them that they had to act against Aronthalos. She cast a spell on them which would allow them to resist his majestic presence, and planned the assassination to happen during the next party. Pretending to be normal partygoers, the four men cornered him, and ran a short sword through his chest. Immediately, the influence he had over everyone in the room was lost, and thus no one spoke against the act. They were, after all, the police. After the house had been cleared out, they began to dispose of the body, preparing it for burial.

Then they made a huge mistake. They pulled the sword out, and in a few minutes, Aronthalos awoke again, and slaughtered the four. He left the woman, though, considering her harmless, and someone who he would have his way with instead. After being dragged into his bedchambers, feigning helplessness, she drove a long knife into his chest, and once again, he was rendered immobile. With the help of a few friends, she sealed him in a metal coffin, and buried him under the floor of his house, which was subsequently sold.

As things turned out, however, they should have waited a few weeks before disposing of him. They were attacked within the month by a Spartan raiding party, who pillaged the town, taking slaves and women and burning anything they didn't have an interest for. This included the town's record book, where the information about Aronthalos was kept. Anything that wouldn't burn was torn to the ground, including his house, and the village was reduced to little more than a pile of rubble.

Fast forward to the year 2010 AD, where American scholars were conducting a dig in the area where it was said a village used to be. They found mostly rubble, several mass graves, but one thing interested them in particular. It was a sealed rectangular metal box, and when it was opened, they found a dessicated skeleton with a knife through its chest. They brought him to one of their labs in the US, and set about dating the corpse. In the process of determining its age, they discovered traces of the virus responsible for vampirism, confirming what they had suspected when they saw his teeth. Keeping their finds secret from their superiors, they chose not to record anything just yet and the group of lab techs assigned to him decided (perhaps foolishly) to try and ressucitate him. After acquiring many litres of blood through some rather....unorthodox means, they prepared a bath for the skeleton, hoping it might work.

It did, but just barely. When Aronthalos awoke, there was very little blood in the container, he was confused as to where he was, and the only person around was a janitor outside the room. He was also very, very hungry (and naked, too). Getting up, and opening the door, he grabbed the janitor, dragged him into the room, and drained him of his blood. Figuring the man was about his size, he removed his clothes and took them for himself, and set about examining the strange devices and writings strewn about the room.

It wasn't long before one of the techs, working a night shift and previously on break, returned to the room. Struck with a measure of awe upon seeing the vampire, the tech didn't think to call someone, and report what had happened. It was quickly discovered that the two couldn't understand each other...Aronthalos spoke only ancient greek, and Steve spoke only modern english. It didn't take long for the vampire to figure out they could communicate by telepathy, if they restricted themselves to forming images rather than thinking in a language.

Aronthalos convinced Steve that he should tell his colleagues he had simply escaped in the night. Steve, still affected by the feeling of awe exuded by the vampire, was easily persuaded to take the vampire into his home and teach him some of the ways and customs (and language, too) of the strange new world.

When Steve was killed in a car accident, Aronthalos was left to fend for himself, knowing little about technology, customs, and able to speak very limited english. He makes his den in the abandoned warehouse on 8th street.


Cloak in Shadows - 4



Telepath - 6
Intercept telepathy - 2 (d20)
Read Surface Thoughts - 2
Dominate - 1 (d30)

Regeneration - 6
Sunlight; Weakness - 7 (will die as soon as he is exposed to sunlight; being awake during the day will cause him to lose the use of all of his powers, and be physically frail)

Other (these are unique to his own line, though I suppose they could be considered mutations)
Control Weather - 6
Awe - 6 (causes people to automatically look at him in awe, and d6 to make mortals bow in reverence--increases in difficulty the more powers someone has)
Hide in earth/wood/rock - 6 (d6 to hide in earth, d8 to hide in wood, d12 to hide in stone)
Increase potency - 7 (increases the strength of drugs/alcohol just by touching them)
Turn to mist - 5 (can spread out up to about 15 metres; going beyond 20 requires a d8 to pull himself back together or be lost for 1d3 days--very bad if caught outside)

*ups post count*

shermbob700036: kazzaa is stupid and the reason there doing it is becouse all the death <--referring to the supposed "shutting down" of kazaa

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Ash Fanrico 
Friendly Neighborhood Hero
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(2/5/03 10:51:11 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
(New character I hope to rp as soon)

Name: Jotaro Dunham
Nickname: "Gojira Joe"
Race: Were-Reptile
Age: 22
Quirks: Can turn into a large reptillian humanoid. Mother is a Were-reptile. Short Tempered.
Hair: Black
Nation of Origin: USA, but is the son of American and Japanese parents.
Affiliations: None
Current Status: Hanging out at Bars and/or in Video or Game Stores.

Backstory: He is what the Japanese call "Dragon Kin". He can at any given time he wants, transform into his Lizard Form. His lizard form resembles a Komodo Dragon. Thus his friends (mostly were-creatures of different types themselves) dubbed him "Gojira Joe", since he resembles (in lizard form) the famous movie monster Godzilla, as well as a temper to match such a name.

He's very loyal to fellow were-creatures, unless he finds out for himself that they aren't worth sticking up for or worthy of such protection or friendship. Hates the winter, and is seen with large amounts of warm clothing on when it is winter.

Has an apartment where when not busy he's seen playing video games. So naturally he's usually making trips to the Video Stores and Game Shops.

When he is angered or aggrivated, it is not a pretty sight. Specially in lizard form.

"You know if someone's good if all they need to kick your sorry ass is a long piece of wood with hay attatched at the end! That or they're fucking nuts." --- About da Broom

Bar Patron

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(2/7/03 3:43:17 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
North America is not a nation. o.o

yes it is

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Dances With Arrows
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(2/7/03 3:57:26 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
*hits the ball into Wolf's court*

"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
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Brianoku's Lovely Wife Katkat
Posts: 1516
(2/7/03 12:08:39 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
North America is a continent. The United States of America is a nation, Canada is a nation, Mexico is a Nation.

Person from Canada =/= Person from America

One hat to rule them all.

Ereal Snippelit Monped
(of doom)

Posts: 434
(2/7/03 12:11:50 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Wrong, Kate.

America = including all of North America, and technically South America, though I doubt anyone from below the Mexican border will claim to be American. That's why they're called the United States of America, because they are part of a larger whole, namely, America.

Thus technically, a Canadian is an American, though connotatively, an American refers to someone from the United States. Thus you will never hear me proclaim that I am American.


shermbob700036: kazzaa is stupid and the reason there doing it is becouse all the death <--referring to the supposed "shutting down" of kazaa

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