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The Z machine
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(12/31/02 5:54:10 pm)
DF Character Roster
Official DF characterlist thread. Let us begin.

Name: Mikhael "Rache" Cain
Race: Human
Age: 31
Quirks: All four of his limbs are cybergear, with storage compartments
Hair: Black, shoulder length
Nation of origin: Czechoslovakia, home in Germany until recent
Affiliations: None
Current status: Dead
Backstory: Rache was a hired gun for the underground in Prague for many years--he was one of the best, totally invisible to the authorities. After he became established, he invested in some underground modifications, in the form of four cyberlimbs with storage compartments for the pieces of his trusty rifle. He practiced day and night popping the pieces out and assembling them midair for weeks, until he was able to do it faster than most people can write their initials.

For a short time, he was assigned to guard a ragtag group of American civilians during their stay in Prague. An old woman, a sorceress, gave him the True Sigil, which had the powers to ward away demons, and weaken vampiric mind-controls. And then the destruction started.

The records would tell you that Prague was destroyed by a nuclear experimental fluke. But the truth is nothing so gentle. A great demon, showing itself only as a perpetually-staring blood-red eye in the blackened sky, unleashed its dark fury on Prague, sending the entire city through a cataclysm that lasted for two months, obliterating anything that dared approach within miles. Rache was left alone in this horror, protected from the destruction by the True Sigil, though his mind was twisted and warped by the constant screaming and suffering noises, not to mention the other indescribable unholiness that found a new home in the destruction of Prague. Thus Rache gained his maniacal fear of evil wizards.

For the next two years, Rache spent his days seeking out any supernatural being of any power (with the help of a watch given him by one of the aforementioned Americans), waiting for them to do something he considered 'wrong,' and exterminating them instantly. Countless vampires, mages, psychics, and others fell with one of his bullets in the back of their heads. Gradually, his incredible paranoia and fear of supernaturals faded into a personal crusade to cleanse the world.

One day, his luck ran out. Running from a half-bear who was hot on his trail, he unwittingly stumbled onto two vampires as well. His code demanded he cease their existences, but the half-bear, Molke, would have none of it. The fact that one of the vampires, Martel, had previously cursed him with the inability to harm Martel didn't help, either, and he collapsed in a heap, unable to withstand his inability to complete his mission.

They put him to sleep, and Nicholai euthanized him, for the good of all the shadow races.

"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
--Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

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The Z machine
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(12/31/02 6:06:21 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Fresca Stevens
Race: Human
Age: 28
Quirks: Psychic, specializing in psychobiological manipulation, with minor precognition and co-locative skills
Hair: reddish-blonde
Nation of origin: America
Affiliations: NYPD
Current status: Alive and well, leg will be fully healed February 5th.
Backstory: Fresca was a fairly normal child, going all the way up until high school, where some of her 'abilities' became known to the authorities. They took her to a facility on a daily basis (with parents' permission, of course) to test her biological differences from 'normal' humans, and to measure the strength and capabilities of her powers. Her spirit was strong, and she was quite cooperative, so they decided to put her to good use as a public servant in the New York Police Department.

It has been seven years that she's been with the force, and she's seen more than her fair share of brutal, gruesome scenes about the city--and has become quite jaded and 'bitchy' as a result. Most of the force does not know of her special talents, though the chief does to some extent, as well as do his superiors. Information about her talents in police reports has been suppressed, of course.

Recently, she's been paired as a partner to Molke, and she's found it endearing that someone else isn't 'normal.' Since, they've become 'partners' in more ways, and she is fairly smitten with him.

"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
--Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

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Paranoid Geezer
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(12/31/02 6:21:54 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Derek Jelson
Race: Werepenguin
Age: 19
Quirks: Well, he's a bloody werepenguin
Hair: Black
Nation of Origin: America
Current Status: Alive and Well
Backstory: Derek tried to live up in the hood. He really did. It just never worked for him. Although...upon his 16th birthday, he found something particularly nasty out. Upon either the full moon or what seems to be the worst possible time, he turns completely into a penguin. Realizing that this was a new and unusual power, he realized his true calling. A life of crime.


Which doesn't work out too well, either. After trying to rob a donut shop empty handed, he was arrested. This was roughly the time that Mr. Abbot Ro made his brilliant escape. Soon, he found himself the target of a PI who was evidently searching for him in particular.

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(12/31/02 6:37:59 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Banj, I hope you know that the usual penalty for inserting Batman villains into non-Batman RPs is death by unskilled dental surgery...

-White Knight

The Oldskool Bastard
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(12/31/02 6:42:13 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: "Xardal" Jurvis
Race: Human
Age: 27
Quirks: Mage, specializing in quick conjurations, particularly of knives, swords, and other such weapons
Hair: Jet black
Nation of origin: America
Affiliations: Currently affiliated with the Jagged Nails mafia group
Current status: Alive
Backstory: "Xardal Jurvis" grew up as Alexander Jurvis in a fairly standard American household, a priveledged child who, despite his outward wealth and comfort, was a storm of tumultous, inwardly directed emotions. As a youngster, he separated himself from others, preferring to be alone. On the outside, Alexander seemed much like any other introverted youth. However, unlike his peers, young Alex made the discovery that when he played games with his imagination, his fantasies often became realities.

At the age of 17, Alex's introverted nature lead him to seek out people with similar dipositions. He kept his abilities, which he would later come to understand more fully, a secret. Other young introverts like himself sought enjoyment in the form of the various entertainment options available--video games, computers, and--Alex's primary fascination--fantasy roleplaying. The boy was enthralled by the imaginary worlds created within the games he played, worlds where his real life talents were more commonplace, and people with special powers were regarded as heroes, not freaks.

Unfortunately, things turned sour for Alexander when, during a particularly intense gaming session, he became involved in an argument with another player. Alex, gripped with rage and allowing his imagination to wander, merely visualized himself stabbing the other player in the back, achieving his goal of revenge--and, sure enough, the player fell dead on the table, a knife shoved through his ribs from behind. Frightened, Alex fled, fearing that somehow he would be connected to the murder.

After a few days on the streets, Alex was seriously considering going home, or else going to the law enforcement agencies and turning himself in. Instead, he encountered a group of mafia members involved in a drug deal. Surprised at the young man's intrusion, the gang decided to off him quickly and get on with their business...that is, until the four thugs lie bleeding in the alley, all stabbed to death.

In that moment, something occured to Alex. He could go home, and he could live out a mediocre, somewhat boring lifestyle, or he could become a vigilante hero, punishing criminals and wrongdoers. He kept up his personal crusade for the next four years, living on whatever money he could squeeze out of criminals and slaying lawbreakers with his own personal sword of justice.

One day, however, Alex, who had by that time changed his name to "Xardal," the name of his character in his fantasy roleplaying games, ended up critically wounded after a fight. A scout and recruiter from the Jagged Nails mafia saved his life, getting him medical treatment...in exchange for a binding contract as a mafia bodyguard.

Since then, Alex has lost most of his former self, abandoning the innocence of his youth for the personage of a cold-blooded killer, one who does his job swifly and cleanly with temporary weapons conjured solely for the purpose.

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Nicholai Sandovich
Race: Vampire
Age: 73 (living) 138 (dead)
Quirks: Typical vampire traits really. Some ability to read surface thoughts.
Hair: Black, short.
Nation of origin: Russia.
Affiliations: None
Current status: Undead and well.
Backstory: Nicholai originally hailed from the Tsar's court in Russia but, after a lifetime in this environment, wound up exiled upon a turnover in power. His transition to the ranks of the undead came scant hours after disembarking from the boat in America. Nicholai has lived a quiet 'life' since then, avoiding politics while trying to do some good in the world.

He most frequently adopts a 'harmless old man' pose, and regards the drinking of blood as an unfortunate necessity. One thing he can be relied upon to do is to maintain the low profile of the shadow races, believing this to be in everyone's best interests.

When arresting prisoners, my guards will not allow them to stop and grab a useless trinket of purely sentimental value.

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Illegal Midget
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(12/31/02 10:40:21 pm)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Rosalie Levine
Race: Human
Age: 25
Quirks: Her entire frontal lobe is replaced with a high density data storage CPU-like device. There is also a port in the back of her head that functions as a network-cable hookup of sorts
Hair: Blonde, long and usually in a braid
Nation of origin: America, New York City
Affiliations: None
Current status: *UPDATE2*Presumed dead Update3: Easily traceable XP

UPDATE 4: Has fled Carmel city with Dasek and is heading for Vegas.

Backstory: The daughter of a middle-class businessman in New York, her parents divorced bitterly when she was at the age of 5. Following a long hard custody battle, she was taken by her father, still retaining the house her parents had purchased years before their marriage grew cold. Her mother promptly moved out of the city, refusing to take any visiting time at all.

From then on her life had been rather uneventful, that is until she went off to college in Boston. When she had returned after two months for Thanksgiving break, she was welcomed by an empty house. After that there is little that she remembers.....

She couldn't even say when or remember how she came to live in the small shoddy apartment that she does now, the only relic retained from her past is her laptop, which has certainly been showing it's age. She doesn't have any idea what happened to her head either. Currently holding a small waitressing job in Jaunt's Cafe, she finds litte else in her life, the rest of her waking hours filled in front of the computer as she compulsively downloads nearly everything and anything from the Internet...to her head. In the process she has become quite skilled at hacking.

Externally, Rosalie posseses eerie blue-screen-of-death colored eyes that almost seem to glow and contain the same soulessness as a computer monitor. Very often she questions herself on whether or not she actually has a soul. Rosalie also hates the sight of blood, especially her own.

Note: She does NOT have a cyberdeck (they don't exist anyways) and requires her laptop or some other computer to hook up to in order to use her cybernetic implant.

One hat to rule them all.

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(1/1/03 12:43:59 am)
Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Jaris "Specs" McGrod
Race: Human
Age: 27
Quirks: A Prosthetic Cyborg Eye, very noticable by metallic outer casing for protection
Hair: Red hair, but partly dyed dark blue, semi-long hair
Nation of Origin: America, from Chicago, but has Irish heritage
Affiliations: Outlaw
Current Status: A vagrant looking for work

Backround Story: Jaris, or "Specs" as some might refer to is an outlaw with a straight-foward attitude. He is pratical, cut-to-the-chase kind of guy. The last time he went otherwise cost him the price of one left eye. So his stubborn attitude will be very hard to curve to others liking.

His new eye is very sensitive, so if anything moves, he will notice it first. He likes to use electrical type weapons, taser-like arsenals if one may percieve them. He is distinguished by his slight irish accent, blue-green right eye, and a circular scar on both sides of his left hand. The scar was a hole created by a bullet piercing it trying it to instinctively block his eye. His optical injury was caused by a mob lackey attacking him when he was on the police force. Luckily, he happened to survive, but he left out of sheer depression of his loss of his body part.

He now looks for odd-jobs for money, but still wants revenge on the mob responsible for his eye. But...his memory is still fuzzy on which mob that did it. His eye has a blue-green "pupil" generated by the optic fibers inside. It is said in certain situations, the optic fibers overload by Jaris' stress, thusly causing a temporary 1 inch thick laser beam protude from his eye, but only for short periods of time.

(Edit: Sorry about that Priam. I'm not very used to making character profiles at all, so I changed the color of the eye to make it more...logical. I apoligize again. >.<;;)

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Ash Fanrico 
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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Markus
Race: Human
Age: 35
Occupation: A Hunter
Affiliations: None, but does get hired occaisonally for jobs. Also has some connections in places, to keep him informed of current events.
Hair: Long Scruffy(Unkept) Hair
Quirks: Has a slow time trusting many people in his line of work, and has a strange ability to almost sense the Shadow Races, not a power mind you, he can just... sense them.
Nation of Origin: America, from the MidWest
Current Status: Arrested

One of the most known Hunters among the Shadow Races. He is very anti-social and very hard to get to know. He has a great amount of experience in the "Field". He isn't above doing random jobs for those willing to pay, but it is not for pay that he Hunts.

It deals with a more personal issue, which he has yet to bring to the surface. He is a skilled weapons (Firearms) expert and a decent mechanic. When he's not driving he's walking along the streets, with a large Gym Bag on his back.

He wears a dirty Trenchcoat, and has on Black Leather Boots. Has a problem with keeping up with his shaving.

Was recently arrested by Fresca after dealing with a zombie at a coffee shop and trying to escape arrest later. Is on parole for 6 months, due to secret trials.

"You know if someone's good if all they need to kick your sorry ass is a long piece of wood with hay attatched at the end! That or they're fucking nuts." --- About da Broom

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Re: DF Character Roster
Alright, since I've been drawn in, guess I'll do the stuff for my chars.

Name: Akira
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Occupation: Punk Kid

Background: Though he doesn't really want to tell anyone, he grew up in a lower middle-class home, and ran away one day seeking to find his fortune on the streets. Unfortunatly, he had only been there a few months of succesfully living by his wits when he got into the wrong place, at the wrong time. Showing a bit too much curiosity in a murder site, he got arrested, and on the way he assisted in the break away of another person getting arrested with him. That person successfully got away, but not without making a mess. And Akira, having helped him, is now part of that mess. And he's now in jail until otherwise noted...


Name: Jim Warren
Age: 32
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Occupation: PI

Background: From a comfortable family in the suburbs, he went to Police Academy when he was old enough to do so. However, while there he decided that the life of a private investigator would be more interesting, and so he never joined the force, instead using his training and skills in the less lucrative and dependable world of private investigation.

However, through a combination of skill, hard work, and luck, Jim got a break when he got an unusual case involving paranormal forces which his clients didn't want in the public eye. After completing that assignment, he occasionally found that those clients had refferred other clients to him, and he got a small rep for being able to handle such cases discreetly and effectively, despite being a mundane.

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Sister Abigail the Grey
Race: Human
Age: 29
Quirks: Possessor of an artifact sword known as Prophet.
Hair: Blond, though always hidden by her habit
Nation of origin: America
Affiliations: The Church, the Order of the Dragon, and the Secret Service.
Current status: Alive
Backstory: Abigail was abandoned from the moment she was born to an orphanage run by the Church. She grew up knowing nothing about her parents, though she was happy with her life. A devout member of the Church her only goal in was to help people. After comming of age she became a nun and went out into the world, doing missionary work for the Church.

While in Africa she came into the possession of an ancient death shroud, supposedly belonging to a knight of the Crusades. While she was on her way to England to return the shroud to the Church, she discovered it's power and the ancient inteligence known as Prophet came into the world once more. Unfortunatly for Abigail she thought she was possessed, she had gained strange new powers, her mind was keener, she could sense forces at work about her, she could see events moments before they happened, but there was an insesent alien whisper in her mind.

After conferring with the Church and it was determined that she was not possessed but infact blessed. Extensive testing revieled that the shroud was of truely from the Crusades, and the whispers were actaully something trying to comunicate with her, something very old and not from this planet. After more testing it was determined that the thing was not harmful but infact quite benefitial. At the late late age of 23 she was brought into the Order of the Dragon and trained as a Hunter for the next five years.

Over the years she has learned to use her abilities more effectively, though she is still not able to comunicate directly with Prophet and is thus far from tapping it's full potential. Though she is able to draw Prophet in it's natural form of a great sword, taller then Abigail herself, making her more than a match for most supernatural and technological threats, Prophet seems especially deadly against magic and magic related entities.

Notes: The Order of the Dragon is very similar to the Order of the Hunt, though they are also responsible for keeping knowledge of the Supernatural hidden. Abigail's affiliation with the Secret Service is in nothing more than surface, she does have identification, under a false name, that she is with the SS, and she is on their roster, though she does no work for them.

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Re: DF Character Roster
[EDIT: ...uh...tell me if you want this shortened up.]

Two characters! Yay!

Name: Abbot Ro
Race: Human
Age: 27
Quirks: Augmented muscle strength/speed in his right arm, titanium reinforced right arm, shoulders, and spine, a guitar/guitar case, and a big facking gun.
Hair: Shoulder length, black
Eyes: So far, constantly concealed by tinted sunglasses.
Country of Origin: America
Affiliations: Order of the Hunt
Current status: Wanted criminal

Backstory: Abbot was born to an upper class family, and never had any real problems for quite some time. Yay, happiness, glee, bliss. Oh, and he took guitar lessons.

At the age of 18, despite his parents encouraging him not to, Abbot joined the army. He didn't see much action at all, but around the age of 23, he became a drill seargent, and life was good, or so he thought. Then, one day, he returns home, and finds a message on his answering machine, informing him that both his parents had been murdered in their home. Well, they discouraged him from joining the army, but afterwards were still supportive parents. So he goes home, and checks out the scene, and sees....imagine this...that they were brutally slashed to death! But the family's butler was off running errands, so he survived.

Anyhow, he gets back on base, and after a couple days, gets really depressed, and, in turn, really drunk. He gets in a scuffle with the MPs while drunk, and earns himself a dishonorable discharge. He goes BACK home, and is depressed for a while, as the murderer was never found. He decides to go out and find them himself, but before he can go on his little quest, his butler (who goes by the name of Rupert) stepped forward, and informed him of something startling: the murderer was a young vampire, sent by his sire to retrieve an artifact that his parents were holding for safekeeping, and had actually already been "dispatched". From there, he swore that the elder vampire who had sent out the younger one would meet his final death by Abbot's hand, and stormed off to get "equiped" to do so.

The next day, Abbot returned back home, apparently recuperating after an operation. He had been able to bribe a dependable commercial cybernetic surgeon to augment him, and said surgeon determined that he should come in a month later to get the other arm done, as otherwise some of Abbot's spine muscles may have suffered damage. Rupert, while dissappointed that Abbot was so eager to go after this vampire, also knew that there was no way he would be able to stop Abbot from doing so, and as such, a month later, was driving Abbot back to the cyberhospital. On they way there, however, they had found that there was a police barrier around it. It seemed that the cops had gotten wind of certain illegal activities there, and raided the place, the doctor that Abbot was going to use getting caught in the crossfire.

So they returned home, and Abbot decided that one arm and his back was good enough. Rupert, having connections to other organizations, and being a fair weaponsmith, became an armourer for Abbot. Abbot asked for a large weapon, and that's what he recieved. Rupert made for him a high powered 10 gauge semiautomatic hand cannon, with a 13 round box magazine, with which he usually uses a low-spread buckshot, though if he's expecting something where power matters more than accuracy, he'll use sollid slugs. This weapon is extremely high powered, and must be used with his augmented arm, as the recoil would dislocate his mundane arm.

Anyhow, he went off on what little leads he had, and turned up very little. It seemed that this elder vampire was a crafty sort, and while Abbot had taken out a couple of his spawn, the elder one eluded him. And it kept eluding him, for several months.

And then, he stumbled upon the Order of the Hunt. Or rather, they sought him out. They had been rather shorthanded, and had obiously caught wind of his little quest. Upon asking why they chose HIM of all people for their little organization, they listed off a few reasons. First off, people knew about cybernetics. They didn't know about magic, undead, psionics, etc. He could hunt down those to be punished, without needing to keep quite as low a profile as everyone else. Secondly, people would blame cyborgs for all the things the others did wrong anyways, and he would help draw attention away from others. Lastly, his parents, and his butler, ad his butler's wife, were all retired members. After looking at the resources they had that could aid in his search, he agreed. At this point, he was almost 26.

Since then, Abbot's actions have also drawn attention from more public sources, partially from anonymous tips from those who feared that they would be his next target. The police, for the most part, didn't know the nature of his targets, and as such, became the prime suspect on multiple cases of breaking and entering, stalking, conspiracy, and murder. However, they never got enough eveidence to press charges, and as such, he became a footnote in their files, to be brought back only if they happened upon hard evidence pointing towards him.

Recently, however, things have taken a slight downturn, in the form of an outstanding warrant and a public bounty on his head. After being picked up by the police near a murder scene during a hunt for a necromancer of some power (who may or may not have connections to the vampire that was resposible for his parents's death), and escaping with the aid of the previously mentioned Akira, he is now on the run. In the process of is escape, he caused the death of two members of the C-SWAT, and hospitalized officer Molke. Since then, many of his assets have been siezed by the police, though he is hardly in need of cash. His butler/armourer escaped, and Abbot has plans for both the release of Akira, and the downfall of said necromancer, though he doesn't plan on going through with either alone...

As a side note, he actually is quite good with the guitar, and could probably have made a fair living off that, if he had chosen to do so instead of, y'know, killing things.

Name: Kyu Sung
Race: Human
Age: 19, give or take a couple months.
Quirks: None apparent just yet...
Hair: Short and spiked, black
Eyes: Hazel
Country of Origin: America
Affiliations: Fred Myer's/Krogers
Current status: Dead end minimum wage job.

Background: Kyu Sung was born to an unknown family at an unknown time at an unkown place. However, until the age of three, he lived in an orphanage, his true parents nowhere to be found. A few days after (what was assumed to be) his third birthday, he was adopted by an aging couple of Chinese imigrants, and was since then raised in a fairly traditional Chinese home, in a lower-middle class neighborhood.

Now, in this neighborhood, there was another old Chinese man. Kyu became friends with him, and before too long, discovered that the man was a retired martial artist. As such, Kyu began to learn from him the martial arts of Tai Chi Ch'uan, and Xing Chao. At this point, he was eight.

However, upon reaching the approximate age of eighteen, he decided to go seek his fortune in the big city. Which is how he got his job at Fred Meyer's, the large chain of deparment stores. He has been doing this for over a year, and shows no signs of getting anywhere on the corporate ladder, and has in fact barely been scraping by with his low income.

He also tends to disbelieve anything that has to do with magic, psionics, or undead of any sort, and will probably continue doing so until he witnesses some major event that will show him the truth. He also tends to think that he's destined to be a cashier forever, but little does he know what's in store for him.

In reality, he has in his genes a certain dormant sequence that would cause a slight chemical imbalance in his bloodstream. This isn't noticable, really, at this point. But eventually, most likely when near an enourmous discharge of magical or psychic energy, this imablance will cause him to be able to access the energy of the Reaches, in minute amounts, and won't even be able to be identified as being from the Reaches. This energy, known to some as "Orochi energy", becomes gradually more accessible. However, the more he gains access to, the more it will drive him to madness, and the more easily apparent the source of this power will become. This energy can be used for minor projectile attacks, or it can be used to enhance melee attacks, either by channeling it directly, or temporarily boosting strength, speed, and agility.

...I'm done.

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Molke (no last name)
Race: Half-bear
Age: 26
Occupation: Police Officer
Hair: Short brown
Quirks: Can transform into a bear or bear-like intermediate. Also has small amounts of magical abilities.
Nation of origin: Canada
Current Status: Hospitalized, thanks to Abbot
Story: Born in northern Alberta from the magical union between a female human mage and a male polar (EDIT: At first I believe I may have said he was a grizzly, or brown bear, or something, but upon further consideration, I decided that I preferred polar, and figured I could change that without affecting really anything) bear (hell, don't ask), Molke was raised with some....unusual abilities. He discovered at a very young age that he could transform completely into a bear at will, and minor aspects (claws, teeth, etc) reflexively. Eventually, he developed full control over the transformation, and is able to express any features of bear or man he desires. His normal state is not, in fact, human, as many would guess, but instead he maintains ursine auditory and olfactory systems.

He grew up with his mother and half-brother, who were both mages, and as such, he learned a very small amount of it, enough to temporarily enhance himself, should the need arise. One day, he made the mistake of exposing his abilities to his classmates, and he was labelled a freak, his family decided it would be best if they got as far away from there as they could, and they packed up and moved to New York. Since then, he's kept his abilities hidden from anyone, though in doing so, he also missed out on many opportunities to find out about other "shadow races." Up until recently, he believed that he and his family were the only ones.

That changed when he encountered Rache one day, along with Martel and Nicholai, who explained much to him, about the conspiracies and what have you. He was soon partnered with an Officer Fresca, who he discovered to be a psychic, and tried to get information from her, too. Unknown to Molke, Fresca didn't know a hell of a lot, and he reacted much the same way an animal would have if he had been teased and taunted in similar fashion. Molke and Fresca have since reconciled the event, and there remains an uneasy truce between them.

Working with Fresca on what should have been a routine transfer of witnesses, Molke took off in pursuit of Abbot Ro, who shot him full on in the chest with that gun of his. This obviously, landed him in the hospital. Though magic has helped to speed his recovery, he's still there, and when he gets out, he's determined to bring in Mr. Ro.

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Dasek Ericson
Race: Human
Age: 24
Quirks: A mage, specializing in the summoning, conjuring, and manipulation of matter, and, to a lesser extent, divination.
Hair: Medium length black
Nation of Origin: America
Current Status: Alive and well
Story: Born in the big city to a normal mother and father, Dasek didn't realize his abilities until the age of ten, when he was walking up to his school, and he realized he had lost his permission slip for a field trip. He had been looking forward to it for weeks, and was understandably disappointed that he didn't have it with him. Trying hard to remember where he had left it, he was amazed when he formed a clear mental picture of it laying on the grass beside the path he had taken to school. He knew he wouldn't have time before to run back and pick it up, even if he did, it might blow away before he got there, and was almost in tears over the loss when he was once again shocked that it had appeared right in his hand.

Eventually, he learned to hone his powers, discovering that he had the ability to summon objects to his side, move them around without touching them, and even create things from nothing, if he tried real hard. He also discovered that, through concentration, he could learn some things about people, events, or objects. Obviously, with these powers, it wasn't hard to find other members of the "shadow races," and he realized that there was something withholding them from public knowledge, The Order of the Dragon, though he didn't know it at the time.

While he agrees with the Order (again, he doesn't even know it exists, except what he's gleaned from his dealings with Sister Abigail) that the general public shouldn't be told about the supernatural, he sees nothing wrong with enlightening people one at a time, and giving them some time to deal with it. He believes this will avoid mass panic, and will eventually lead to a world where people like him aren't suppressed and covered up.

Recently, he's allied himself with one Jim Warren, for the dual purpose of collecting the bounty on Mr. Ro, and finding more about the organization with which Sister Abigail is involved.

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Kido Reiji
Race: Human
Age: 24
Quirks: Both arms are cyber gear, the left one contains a small pistol. While the right is designed specifically for Hacking, and firing weapons.
Hair: Spiked Blue hair
Nation of origin: Tokyo Japan / Currently in New York.
Affiliations: Hacker in the Order of Machines.
Current status: Alive and kicking
Backstory: Kido was born into a rich family in japan and was quickly introduced to computers at 5, his families business. He took a keen interest in them at 7 and became obsessed at age 10. After 5 more years he began to hack into various systems for the challenge and the thrill of being able to get in and get out before they catch you. After another 4 years when he was 19, he made a mistake of hacking into the computer system of the Order of machines, the order was shocked someone was able to hack into their own system. They quickly hunted Kido down and forced him to join the order for hacking into their system.

Even though they forced him, he was more than willing too. He had been watching the organization for a while and had been wanting become a hacker for them. After joining he got his arms replaced with the two Cyber gears and he became a excellent hacker and a decent shot. Although the second weapon they gave him, a katana he was not able to handle to well,but he handled it decently after a while.Ht from then on kept the katana slung over his back in a black sheath.

After being in the order for 6 years he was sent to America. He had no problem with this and went with no real argument. He quickly found a place to live in New York and began to explore the city....

Is that Okay? :sweatdrop:

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Adrian Borg (Heh. Maltese surname. =D)
Race: Human
Age: 26
Quirks: None
Hair: Neat brown hair
Nation of Origin: (Everybody say) Malta (!)
Affiliations: FBI
Current Status: Alive
Backstory: The son of Maltese immigrants into America, and both a Maltese and an American citizen, Adrian was always one to interest himself in arms, martial arts and weaponry, especially when as a kid, he used to get into fights at the drop of a hat. When he grew up, he joined the NYPD, and later, due to his great record in his service as a policeman of the city of New York, got promoted to the FBI.

He has a fear of anything he deems unnatural, but is otherwise very efficient in his job. He is especially good when it comes to usage of light firearms and martial arts, and is also a very quick thinker. He is also prone to do anything, even put his own life at risk to defend innocents, his friends or the ones he is ordered to protect.

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Re: DF Character Roster
Name: Sebastian T. MacCloister
Race: Human
Age: 21
Quirks: None
Hair: Black, ear-length
Nation of Origin: Japanese/Irish
Affiliations: On semi-close and good terms with the Tycho corporation, currently unemployed
Current Status: Alive and well
Backstory: Seb was born of Devon MacCloister, an Irishman in the upper echelons of Tycho corp, and Yui MacCloister (maiden name Kishikawa), a Japanese woman of some stature. He's been rooted in NYC most of his life, and the family has a rather splendid greek-style mansion there, as well as a manservant.

Yui died when Sebastian was ten years old due to a very rare neurological condition, and Devon went through a series of shallow wives--the money-hunting advantage-taking type. Sebastian learned from his father's mistake, and realized that his family's affluency was not much of a blessing, in a social sense, and thus keeps pretty quiet about it, generally. At the same time, he's acquired some of the charisma of his father, and thus he has little problem acquiring contacts and/or friends in any given situation. By choice, he drives a fairly low-end car, a '94 Honda Accord, and dresses like the general middle class people his age might.

In his youth, Sebastian was taken along for trips to the rifleman's club with Devon, and learned how to properly care for and use a firearm--first shotguns, but later he found rifles more to his taste. In this day, age, and city, where some of his friends have been mugged, or worse, he has purchased no fewer than ten near-identical rifles, found (or carved) a secret hiding place for each, as well as several empty ones (just in case), and stored them for 'just in case' situations. As such, he carries around a silencer on him while he is on the streets. Because you never know.

Currently he is taking an evening class at a nearby community college (slowly pursuing a degree in architecture), and though he has been through several jobs (almost all of which have ended in him picking a new 'hiding spot'), he is currently unemployed by choice.

In recent history, he stumbled into Rosalie (and vice versa), and, upon hearing her tale of being evicted, has offered her a place to stay at his father's mansion. Since, he has lost most contact with her due to her running from corporations, and is not at all pleased with being separated from her. Still has yet to muster the balls to actually tell her in words of the full extent of his feelings for her.

"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
--Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

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Re: DF Character Roster

People who carry weapons, cybergear, or whatever, visibly on their person will be harassed VERY FREQUENTLY about it. Cybergear is illegal, except as prosthetics. Prosthetics are ALWAYS made to look as close as possible to the real, original body part.

Thus, a different colored cybereye attracts attention. Obvious cybergear will be analyzed and possibly forcibly extracted. Weapons will be confiscated (if you live). DISCRETION IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY.

To loosely quote the CP2020 handbook, "You don't carry around an assault rifle and just sling it over your shoulder. That's like holding up a big neon sign saying 'Hey, I'm a hired gun, shoot me.'"


"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
--Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

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Ash's new DF character (since other is currently arrested)
Name: Axel Romero
Race: Werewolf
Age: 25
Occupation: Biker Drifter
Hair: Black Dreadlocks
Quirks: Turns into a Werewolf when extremely angered or in the light of a full moon.
Nation of Origin: US, from the West
Current Status: Looking for a new shirt and jacket after a recent transforming.

Story: He was born somewhere between New Mexico and Montana, he had a normal life till he was out riding with his buddies when he was about 18 one night and they had a run-in with a certain creature. It looked like a large dog. It tore his buddies to pieces and brutalized Axel. He awoke in a hospital, he had been found by a patrolman, in what the cop described as a "bloodbath".

That's when it started... his curse.

Ever since then, whenever agitated or upon seeing the light of the full moon, he under goes a change... into a werewolf. He now drifts from town to town, usually cause whenever he changes someone gets hurt or killed.

He can't control it, and is afraid of when it will happen again.

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Sage's current DF char
Taki (Noone will know his last name until I tell. And FD, I took the name from Live-A-Live. Say anything else and I will hurt you.)

Race:Human psychic


Sex:Not as often as he'd like. I mean, male.

Occupation:Recruiter for the Order of the Mind

Appearance:About 5"10', 150 pounds, and dresses in everyday clothing. His hair is blonde, and slightly spiky, but not a punkish amount.

Quirks:Likes to play with people's minds. In his own words, he is a tricky bastard.

Story:All anyone knows of him, including the people he works with, is that he's a recruiter for the Order of the Mind. He's not exactly a dark and mysterious type,(More like the exact opposite) but doesn't talk about his past much. He's also gotten involved with an eater of souls called 'Sin' lately.

That good enough for you, Priam?

All that man does on this pitiful ball of dust called Earth is try to better himself in an attempt to make himself seem less alone....

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Re: Sage's current DF char
Name (an alias, not his given name): Anion "Ingram" Duprei
Race: Human
Age: apparently 19
Quirks: Has magical talents involving forces and time (2 and 4)
Hair: Red, straight, goes down just below his shoulders
Nation of Origin: Unknown, even to him
Affiliations: None. I mean REALLY none.
Current Status: Alive and well
Backstory: A mysterious traveller from another point in time (or perhas another world altogether), Ingram has seen vague glimpses of the future, and has travelled to this setting to protect the one who would be known to history as "The Courier," Rosalie Levine. He recruited Dasek as her bodyguard (as he was wont to exert too much of his own influence on the world, for the sake of disruptions), and twice showed up to intervene when she was nigh into the clutches of Altech. He himself does not know precisely why he must protect her, or what her destiny holds for her, but he does know that whatever is going to happen will do so in the coming month of May.

Since his time in protecting Rosalie (and in a lesser sense, Dasek), he has had his left arm severed off completely, and his torso shot. He is left in a fairly weak state, and now provides a role less like a subsidiary guardian and more like a cryptic old hermit. Since he lost his arm, he is also stuck in the current time period, as his Rote to shift within time requires the use of both hands.

"Some say there is no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They're DEAD."
--Jaya Ballard, Task Mage

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