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(10/29/03 1:50 am)
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My apologies if this has already been done.

Where were you when you first heard about the World Trade Center destruction in September two years ago?

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(10/29/03 1:56 am)
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I was walking down the street, girl I know comes up to me, says that they've crashed planes into the world trade center, pentagon, and whatnot, I said she was lying, she said if I wanted to see, I could check it out on her TV. Well, I figured she was lying, since she has a certain, *ahem*, reputation, so I just went on my way, and eventually saw a TV and was like 'Holy shit'.

Also, my second thought was 'They're gonna bomb Iraq, aren't they...'

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(10/29/03 3:10 am)
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Someone had, for some reason, turned on our Class Room's basic cable. ... Which was fuzzy as shit, so we thought a random highrise was on fire.
10 minutes of class passes, and half the school is getting taken home by parents/relatives/etc.

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(10/29/03 3:13 am)
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Re: .
School. Art class, specificly.

Security came in and handed a paper to Ms. Ferrara. She looked confused for a minute and class carried on as usual.

Then lunch came, and half the people where gone. The other half where pissed.

Last period of the day was taught by a former veteran. We listened as he spoke of how if HE was incharge, the country would be defended against that sorta stuff. :(

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Uncle Pervy 

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(10/29/03 3:17 am)
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Re: .
Grandma's house, doing gruntwork in the orchard.

Namely, I just got back from dumping about 12 bushel of Early Blazers that were turning on the brush pile out back.

Spend the rest of the day doing what I was paid to do; mind the store. Think I played a Phantasy Star ROM on my laptop a bit.

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(10/29/03 4:02 am)
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Re: .
Driving to my first day at my current job.

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(10/29/03 4:56 am)
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Re: .
At home, getting ready to go to school.

I came upstairs without an inkling of what was going on, and my mother ran up and was all, "DON'T GET DRAFTED! ;_;", and I was all, "...WTF."

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(10/29/03 11:02 am)
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Re: .
Sleeping, and then my ex gave me a call saying that Terrorists were striking against America and it was great. She was an odd girl, that one.

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(10/29/03 11:03 am)
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Was in my car listening to No Doubt song six feet under, being all happy because it was the day after my birthday and I still had stuff I was going to do that day. Then I stopped by my cousins house to pick up a children's book i needed for my speech class, and when she answered the door tears were streaming down her face. I ended up missing class and staying over there to watch it. came in just in time to see the second plane i think.

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(10/29/03 11:13 am)
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Re: .
I was at home, just waking up, signing in to talk to my online friends, when one of them told me to turn on a radio or tv, so I yelled downstairs for my mother to do that, and ended up sitting there the rest of the morning in shock as I heard about how both towers had now collapsed.


pd Rydia 
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(10/29/03 11:28 am)
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Re: .
I still have a print out of the original RPGWW thread started on 9-11.

I was just waking up for class (it was my first semester) when I saw Mom hovering by the door of my room. As soon as she figured out I was awake, she announced that planes had flown into the World Trade Center and fluttered away. I was sleepy, and it didn't process in my mind until I got up and saw the television. It really hit home once I got to class and everyone was clustered around the few TVs we have around campus.

English class, we had a group discussion about the recent events instead of a lecture. Japanese class was cancelled altogether.

I dunno about anyone else, but it still feels like this happened only months ago. =/

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(10/29/03 12:27 pm)
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Re: .
I was actually at work that morning, serving random and (to me now) essentially faceless people at my old job. We found out because it was slow as shit in the restaurant that day, so we actually were watching the bar's TV.

And I must agree with Dia... it still feels like it was recent.


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(10/29/03 12:36 pm)
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Re: .
:blush: Sitting on the can. Mother was in room next door on the computer when all of a sudden I hear, "Holy shit... HEY BOY! THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS HAVE BEEN HIT!"

Fun day that one was.

Maybe its because im an insensitive basterd, but to me, it feels like forever ago. Then agian, it wasnt my country that was so brutaily wronged.

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(10/29/03 12:49 pm)
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Re: .
DISCLAIMER: I was homeschooled, so my being at home on 9/11 was not a result of playing hokey.

I actually heard about 9/11 twice before it fully processed. The first time was right after I had finished eating breakfast, and was going upstairs to change clothes. The radio was on, and the morning news casters were saying something along the lines of '...we're on location now, and we can see smoke pouring out of the windo-' and which point I turned the radio off grumbling about the depressing news, and thought nothing more of it.

Until the nurse showed up later in the morning to check on my mom, make sure her medication for depression was working right, (9/11 worked wonders for that,) ect. That's when we realized we should turn the news on (our family usually gathers information through the newspapers, we rarely watch TV) and figure out WTF was going on. So yeah, I heard it was going on before the second tower was struck, but I didn't comprehend it until much later (say about 11:39 AM).

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(10/29/03 1:14 pm)
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Re: .
I as at Uni. It was break time, and a friend of mine comes to the group and comments: "I've just talked to my mother on the phone. She says an airplane crashed into one of the Twin Towers" We were all like STFU, and then walked to the nearest supermarket where they had a T.V. I then went to my ex-girlfriend's place and watched the whole thing.... I was really shocked.

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(10/29/03 1:28 pm)
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Re: .
I was sitting in my highschool Spanish II class. My teacher had family in New York that almost died :(

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(10/29/03 2:45 pm)
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Re: .
I was in bed asleep, because I didn't have class at college until 5:30. My grandmother woke me up and said, "The World Trade Center was hit by a plane!" And I was thinking "WTF?" And I saw the whole thing on TV. It was truly strange.

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(10/29/03 5:01 pm)
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Re: .
School. I walked into the school commons and everyone was crowded around a television set--I couldn't see, so I was completely lost as to what was going on until I asked someone...


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(10/29/03 5:05 pm)
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Re: .
At work and found out later when I came home.

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(10/29/03 7:07 pm)
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Re: .
I, too, was asleep for the actual event. I woke up at a little after 1pm, as I recall, and hopped onto the computer to check my usual messageboards. One, a love-and-sex related board, had a new topic from a relative unknown which had the topic "AMERICA UNDER ATTACK." I clicked, and read what was purported to be a clip from a CNN news blurb, describing planes flying INTO the Twin Towers. There were no replies yet, but the thread had just recently been posted. Being a well-recognized regular on that boardset, I started to type up a reply that basically said "If you're going to make shit up, at least make it believable kthxbye." Before I clicked the 'reply' button I decided against it, as I thought most people would probably ignore the thread as idiotic spam. Best not to bother with it, I thought, and put it out of my mind.

After checking that board and ADV, I went upstairs and threw together some food. Probably a hot pocket or something. I happened to see some reminder, some Ohio State U-related item, that reminded me that I had received a letter saying that I should contact my RA and check in as an incoming resident. I called, and the 'hello' sort of exchange was made, but she made some kind of offhand comment about 'yeah, things are a bit hectic up here with what's been happening in New York and all.'

After hanging up, I turned on the TV, which is set every night to channel 7 so that the VCR can tape my mother's soaps properly. So when I turned it on, the Channel 7 news format was on the screen, showing burning buildings. Two towers, in fact. Well damn, I thought. Maybe that guy wasn't being a dick on the forums. I watched for a moment, and when I felt that I'd heard all the information they had (which took all of 5 minutes, perhaps), I left the TV on and went back downstairs to the computer, doing my usual daily routine. I remember being frustrated all day that day--not because of the event, mind you, but because every radio station but one was clogged with the repetitive, constant coverage of the event. I'm such an insensitive, callous bastard.

I loved that radio station, though. In between songs: "In an attempt to maintain some sense of normalcy in the world, Channel Z Radio will continue bringing you today's best alternative rock." Channel Z, I salute you. You will be missed.

"It's in the air, in the headlines in the newspapers, in the blurry images on television. It is a secret you have yet to grasp, although the first syllable has been spoken in a dream you cannot quite recall." --Unknown Armies

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(10/29/03 7:28 pm)
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Re: .
I was in chorus class. Basically we were lingering around, taking a break between practices, when some of the guys in one of the back rooms goes up to the teacher and tells her what happened. Either they saw it on the net or on TV.

I didn't know what was going on though. All I could make out was "planes running into a building." At first most of us thought it was an accident. A part of me wanted to laugh, though...it reminded me of something I saw on the Simpsons. At first I thought it was a joke. However, I realised that something was up, so I kept my mouth shut.

Then, we figured out what was going on.

Boy, did I feel like a jackass for a while after that. :(

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(10/29/03 7:47 pm)
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Re: .
I was just getting into my precalculus class in 11th grade when the PA system at our school made the announcement about it.

Unfortunately, that's all I remember for when I heard about it. As for how I felt, I'll just say that you would NOT have wanted to try and anger me that day.

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(10/30/03 12:44 am)
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Re: .
I had slept through the entire thing when it went down, I had a late class that day and I was mighty confused when I was walking out of my dorm and saw "Pray for those at Captial hill" written on someone's whiteboard. I orignally read it as "Pray for those at Chaple Hill" and thought it was a sports-related kind of thing.

While I was going to West Campus on the bus, I overheard people talking about a terrorist attack, I found out what was really going on when I got to my biology class, everyone was talking about it. The teacher said a few words then dismissed us for the rest of the day, where I immediately went and called my mom to make sure she was okay.

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Dragon Sage007
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(10/30/03 3:21 am)
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Re: .
School. I now feel guilty for reading a book while it was on, thinking it was another boring documentary. I didn't actually figure it out until someone hit me in the shoulder, and said, "Put down the damn book. People are dead."

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(10/30/03 4:37 am)
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Re: .
At home doing my university work, upstairs. There was a rather sudden huge commosion downstairs - then my mate came up and told me to come down. Well I saw they were watching the news and it didn't take 5 minutes for them to show the plane crashing moment.


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(10/30/03 5:57 am)
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Re: .
I was in Art class sitting in the back of the room blowing the teacher off listening to the radio with a couple of friends when i heard what was going on. At first I was pissed at the station beacuse they had interrupted a song I was listening to didn't really hit me intill about 10 minutes later what had actually happened... Thought it was some dumbass ad or something.. We got let out of school for the rest of the day and sent home. Sat at home on the phone and computer trying to contact my uncle who was up in New York for his job... We thought he was dead for two days :( Turned out he was just fine though which i am very greatful for.

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(10/30/03 8:35 am)
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Re: .
I was asleep. The first hint I had was my mother's voice through the answering machine (I was too tired to get up and answer it) telling me she had gotten a hold of Dad and he was fine. I turned back over and grumbled to myself wondering why Dad, who was on a business trip, shouldn't be fine.

Later that day when I did get up I called and asked what the heck it was supposed to mean. At first I thought mom was joking. I turned on the TV and watched the news, trying to cope. At work that night (Krogers a grocery store) I had the news on the radio we kept back there. The store was utterly silent except for the sounds of carts being pushed and two children far too young to understand laughing. Occasionally a person would drift by, stop at the counter and listen to the news...I will never forget how forlorn and lost so many looked that day and I will never forget my shock, horror and anger. I'd still like a chance to hunt down every one of sick bastards that was involved myself. I have a feeling I will continue to feel that way for a long time.

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(10/30/03 11:50 am)
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Re: .
Ironically enough, I was in government class at the time, and I was completely oblivious until I got back to my room. :/


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(10/31/03 4:27 pm)
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Re: 9/11--where?
I didn't have class that day, so it was pretty much like every other day. In fact, you could just cut and paste the first paragraph of Priam's response. That's pretty much how things went down for me, 'till I went downstairs to get some grub and saw mom glued to the TV looking all seroius.

Talk about coping with disbelief.

Other than really pissing me off; at them, us, and humanity in general; it didn't really change my plans for the day. Good thing I rarely watch TV or listen to the radio.

I still don't know how something like that was even able to happen.

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(10/31/03 5:00 pm)
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Re: 9/11--where?
Had just gotten out of my photography class, and was heading over to the campus center at my college to do some board browsing between classes. I did notice a lot of people upstairs around a TV, but it didn't dawn on me anything had happened. Sat down, fired up one of the websites I used to check, and saw on the news page that the world trade center had been hit by planes. Said website, however, had a reputation for certain news people to post stupid stuff like that, so I didn't pay any attention.

Until two groups of people passing by mentioned it and started upstairs. So I followed them up, and got there in time to see the aftermath of both planes hitting. I just remember being kinda numb in the mind, I couldn't believe it was happening.

Then I heard the planes had come from Boston, and I kinda lost it for a bit. I knew my Dad headed to Boston all the time for his job, and every bad possibility ran though my head. So I ran to a phone and ended up talking hysterically to my Grandmother, since no one was home. Tried calling home a bit later, and my Dad answered. He had the day off that day. I think it took him and my mom about 5-10 minutes to calm me down enough to drive home from school. >.>;

And it still feels like it happened a month or two ago.

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(11/1/03 1:01 am)
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Re: 9/11--where?
I was in school. We knew something was fishy when kids were called down to the office every thirty seconds. The teachers told us NOTHING. Rumors circulated, though, and no one believed any of it, unless they were in Writing and Research (as I was) because we were using the Yahoo! search engine, and could see the news. This was last period.

I went home and turned on the news, just staring in disbelief. Then my drum teacher called to cancel my lesson for that day.

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(11/2/03 3:53 am)
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Re: 9/11--where?
I was sleeping, and my uncle started running around like crazy shouting "WAKE UP! WE'RE AT WAR!!" ...Ever since that day I've lost all respect I may have once had for America. Sept. 11 really opened my eyes, and I can't help but wonder what I would be like now if it hadn't ever happened.


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(11/2/03 8:58 pm)
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Re: 9/11--where?
I was at school in gym class when the announcements went something like "There has been a national disaster... blah blah blah." Wierd thing was, I actually had no clue as to what said disaster WAS until about two hours later. The most anyone would tell me was that it involved a plane crash.

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(11/5/03 5:19 pm)
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Re: 9/11--where?
Was out on the track with the rest of Gym class runing.. The Coach had to go in to talk to a teacher and came running back out.. When he told us we at first didn't belive it and then when we went in and heard it on the radio and tvs.. We pretty much all fliped.. School was let out early.. I was just thanking god I didn't know anybody that was in new york at the time.

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