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TIME MACHINE ! For Time Travel ? very low reserve Item number: 5563490518
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Winning bid: US $647.59
Ended: Mar-12-05 19:34:43 PST
Start time: Mar-05-0519:34:43 PST
History:45 bids (US $22.39 starting bid)
Winning bidder: goldenpalacecasino ( 70Feedback score is 50 to 99)
Item location: Turlock, California
United States
Ships to: United States
Shipping costs: US $43.00- UPS Ground (within United States )
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iknowrodeo ( 35Feedback score is 10 to 49)
Feedback Score: 35
Positive Feedback: 100%
Member since Dec-23-99 in United States
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Description (revised)


Hello, I am selling what I believe to be a time machine that was built in the year 2239 by Dr. J. S. Strauss. I found the machine under my house when I was doing remodeling to the bathroom. The machine was hidden in a old rotten wood chest along with some other findings that I believe to be related to the machine like old pictures, letters, ect. I dont know to much about time machines or electronics, but from my observations I believe that the machine might have caught on fire, at some time or another from the looks of the inside, and is now in a non working condition. It also looks like there might be some parts missing on the inside, but I dont know. The time machine itself is not to heavy it weighs 20 pounds and it is 18" high by 23" wide and 11" depth.

From what I put together from all of the findings is that Dr. J. S. Strauss who built the machine in 2239 went into the past to the early 1900's and the time machine broke down or caught on fire or something. From the pictures and letters it looks like he was living in southern california for a while, it looks like he also met some friends and a girlfriend there.

I found the time machine in december of 2004 and I have tried to get it to work but I could not, I even called my best friend who has worked on cars, even he could not get it to work. I know this time machine might be one of the most important discoveries of all time, but if I cant get the time machine to work, then its not worth that much to me, so that is why im selling it on ebay. Also I figured I could get a little extra money so I could finish remodeling my bathroom.

here is a list of things you will get:

1- the time machine

2- a letter dated july 3, 1930 by J.S.

3- a poem that seems to relate to time travel.

4- a check dated dec 23, 1926 with J.S. signiture

5- a photograph of mal, floyd, reuben dated march 16, 1930

6- a photograph of who I think to be Dr. J.S. Strauss dated Jan. 1926

7- a small key for some kind of suitcase

8- two small bottles

9- a blank book of matches

10- a book of electronic inventions with the name Glenn Thompson written in it (who I think to be a guy who had the machine for awhile in the 1970's.)


please email me your questions.   also I am only shipping in the is 1 dollar per 100.......paypal only......and good luck!!!

On Mar-08-05 at 06:24:16 PST, seller added the following information:

To answer alot questions and describe the machine more, yes the time machine is made out of medal and as far as the back of it goes it is very rusty with two holes for hooking up something i guess. All of the switches and knobs work and yes it is filled with electronics. The plate with the inscription on the front is brass. The machine itself is very heavy duty.

i hope this helps.

On Mar-08-05 at 06:47:02 PST, seller added the following information:

i have also got alot of emails regarding the shipping price.  43 dollars was the price ups gave over the phone but I will make it so the buyer just has to pay actual shipping cost.  i will have the time machine packaged very well and provide a tracking number.  thankyou

On Mar-09-05 at 16:51:28 PST, seller added the following information:

*************** breaking news ********************

Question from Mr.Rice: There is a J. Strauss who died in Orange County, CA on 23 MAR 1992. He had a Social Security number: 547-03-9163. In order to get the SS#, he said he was born on 25 APR 1906. But of course, he could have fabricated this birthdate to get the SS card. Could this be the JS Strauss that built your time machine? 

Now this is very interesting story.  this very well could be the man who built the time machine.  if anybody knows more about J Strauss of Orange County, CA  please email me.  thankyou

On Mar-10-05 at 13:09:44 PST, seller added the following information:


regarding the poem

Q: I noticed the handwritten letter in your listing. It contains the phrase " He moved about the place as if perfectly at home". This handwritten letter appears to be a copy that someone made of the writings of Ellen G. White or it may be an original document by E. G. White. Here is the text of the letter from Early Writtings, Pages 39 to 41, by E.G. White. "I asked him if this was the place he was taken to from the earth. He said, "It is not; the city is my home, and I have come to visit this place." He moved about the place as if perfectly at home. I begged of my attending angel to let me remain in that place. I could not bear the thought of coming back to this dark world again. Then the angel said, "You must go back, and if you are faithful, you, with the 144,000, shall have the privilege of visiting all the worlds and viewing the handiwork of God." Many 7th day Adventists have this book in their libraries. Mrs E. G. White lived in California. Do you have more pages of this letter? 

A: yes, there is more writting of the poem on the back of the paper, but thats all i have.  if someone could verify the handwriting of the letter with Mrs. E. G. white's handwriting, please email me.  this very well could be from her. 

within the last year and a half of owning the house i have found suitcases hidden up in the attic,  old pictures and letters hidden in the walls,  shoeboxes filled with old foriegn money and post cards from all over the world.  these people hid stuff everywhere, the whole house was like a rats nest.  they collected alot of wierd items.


On Mar-10-05 at 20:01:20 PST, seller added the following information:

here are some links to websites that were sent to me, fascinating stuff......

On Mar-10-05 at 20:37:01 PST, seller added the following information:


me and the time machine were on the morning show in Santa Barbra Ca. 99.9 ktyd. thanks to all who tuned in.

On Mar-11-05 at 06:56:43 PST, seller added the following information:

me and the time machine were on the morning show in Knoxville, TN  the Star 102.1 thanks to marc and kim and all who tuned in.

On Mar-11-05 at 17:46:14 PST, seller added the following information:


Did Dr. J S Strauss contact Ellen G. White in the past?

a very interesting look at the poem sent to me from james, that he read off of a webfourm.

"..the "poem". It immediately sounded familiar to me so I did a search, and sure enough, it was identical. It may only be a copy written down for future reference, but the original was written (also by hand) around 1850 or so. It was reprinted in 1922. The author was a woman named Ellen G. White and she was a founder of the Seventh Day Adventist church. She was relating a vision she had received. I've included the whole chapter of which the "poem" was the ending. She excited a great deal of interest in that timeperiod, and it is doubly interesting that she was later to be shown as having a great deal of unusual insight on medical problems and their treatment a full 150 years before her time. Much of what she pointed out was only "rediscovered" over a century later. It is even more remarkable that she only had a 3rd grade education and was "afflicted" with health problems as a result of an accident in early childhood that left her somewhat debilitated. In spite of that, she traveled the entire world in a time when there was no rapid transportation, and established sanitariums, hospitals, schools, colleges and churches everywhere she went. Now wouldn't it be VERY interesting if she may have been connected with the "time machine". It certainly would go a long way in explaining how she could have had such an extensive knowledge of health principles and warning against the "future" danger of meat and dairy products. She was called a woman "out of her time". Maybe there's more truth to that than meets the eye."

For those interested, the link is:$fn=default.htm$vid=default

On Mar-11-05 at 23:44:09 PST, seller added the following information:


after auction ends please contact me, so we can calculate the right shipping and insurance amount.  good luck...and see you in the future!

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 Questions from other buyers
Q: If I bought your time machine and got it running, then the "Tomorrow" that I talked about yesterday would not necessarily be today, it could be tomorrow...moreanswered on: Mar-11-05
A:i know
Q: Hey! I have seen the wiring diagram for one of these units, they really work, The basic idea is if you touch it while standing beside it for 24 hours,...moreanswered on: Mar-11-05
A:so thats how it works
Q: if i buy this and go back in time with it and buy it agains will i have two, or will the first one disappear when i travel back in time, and if it doesn't...moreanswered on: Mar-11-05
A:sounds like a great plan, good luck.
Q: Are you sure it is not an old stack heater in disguise?answered on: Mar-11-05
A:i dont know, thats what i thought it was when i first found it. i guess a time machine has to be built out of something.
Q: It's design is rather primitive, and even by looking at the technology of today, one can note that is clearly not of the future. It could be a failed attempt...moreanswered on: Mar-11-05

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