SongstressEnlil (6:26:04 AM): *What can I do to stop the abuse?*
Ryuugami (6:27:19 AM): The first step is to change the way you speak and act. Have you ever caught yourself using the word "corny"? I...I have. But I've gotten better. I no long use language derogatory to corn like that.
SongstressEnlil (6:27:40 AM): *::Nods::*
Ryuugami (6:29:25 AM): Once you have purged yourself of ways disrespectful to corn, you will have already made the world a little brighter. Further, you will be a shining example of acceptance and understanding for others.
SongstressEnlil (6:29:47 AM): *I...I think I can do this*
Ryuugami (6:30:20 AM): You can. I know you can.
Ryuugami (6:32:15 AM): Our society has made changes in the past--we've come to accept broccoli, carrots, and even cauliflower. It will only take time until corn receives the love and justice it deserves.
SongstressEnlil (6:33:19 AM): *...I don't know what society you come from, but there ain't no room for Cauliflower on these shores*
Ryuugami (6:34:42 AM): *sighs* Well, think of the corn, my brother. Let's start there.
SongstressEnlil (6:34:52 AM): *Right, right.*