J4deninj44 (9:18:31 PM): Dude....
Ebil Dia (9:18:34 PM)
: o.o
J4deninj44 (9:18:48 PM): o__o;; Old school hentai. All up in my Japanese culure reading.
Ebil Dia (9:19:00 PM)
: Wow, really? o_o
J4deninj44 (9:21:01 PM): Goddess Izanami: My body, formed though it be formed, has one place which is formed insufficiently.
God Izanagi: My body, formed though it be formed, has one place which is formed in excess. Therefore, I would like to take tha tplace in my body whice is formed to exess and insert it into the place in your body which is fromed insufficiently, and give birth to the land. How would this be?

Ebil Dia (9:21:27 PM)
: *laughs* XD Ha ha ha ha!
J4deninj44 (9:21:42 PM): Izanami: That will be good.
Izanagi: Then let us, you and me, walk in a circle around this heavenly pillar and meet and have conjugal intercourse.

J4deninj44 (9:21:49 PM)
: DUDE!!!
Ebil Dia (9:22:06 PM)
: They sound so mechanical and precise about it. >:P
J4deninj44 (9:22:33 PM): I bet Brian would get a kick out of that.
Ebil Dia (9:22:48 PM)
: Izanami: Dude...I have a hole...

Izanagi: Dude, I have a penis...let's try inserting tab A to slot B, shall we?

J4deninj44 (9:22:55 PM): XD
J4deninj44 (9:23:04 PM)
: That needs to be posted someplace for all to see.
Ebil Dia (9:23:12 PM)
: Yes indeed. AIM convos?
J4deninj44 (9:23:24 PM): Indeed.
Ebil Dia (9:23:34 PM)
: Shall you, or shall I?
J4deninj44 (9:23:57 PM): You, I'm still reading this sultry pornography.
Ebil Dia (9:24:07 PM)
: *nods and laughs*
J4deninj44 (9:24:22 PM): Izanagi: How good a maiden!
Izanami: How good a lad!

J4deninj44 (9:24:30 PM)
Ebil Dia (9:25:14 PM)
: har!
Ebil Dia (9:25:24 PM): It reminds me of Inuunekogami
J4deninj44 (9:25:30 PM): XD
J4deninj44 (9:26:35 PM)
: Oh, damn....She had a fire god and it burned her hoo ha!
J4deninj44 (9:27:29 PM)
: Then then she puke up some MORE deities.
J4deninj44 (9:27:40 PM)
: Then she CRAPPED some dieties.
J4deninj44 (9:27:48 PM)
: Then she PISSED some deities.
Ebil Dia (9:27:51 PM)
: wow, all sorts of kinky fetishes...
J4deninj44 (9:28:00 PM): Then she DIED!
J4deninj44 (9:28:19 PM)
: She had 14 islands and 37 deities!
Ebil Dia (9:28:25 PM)
: Whatta mother...
J4deninj44 (9:28:46 PM): Indeed.
J4deninj44 (9:28:52 PM)
: I bet it was all natural labor.
Ebil Dia (9:29:08 PM)
: Dude...
J4deninj44 (9:29:37 PM): DUDE! Izanagi beheaded on of his kids!
J4deninj44 (9:29:54 PM)
: And 3 more popped out from his spewing blood!
Ebil Dia (9:30:00 PM)
: I read that, and had 8-Bit Theatre in the background, and glanced to it...and saw a comic frame of Black Mage with his arms spread out, with a "STRETCH" sound effect dealy...and was like...NO, WRONG, NO NATURAL CHILDBIRTHS FOR BLACK MAGE
J4deninj44 (9:30:07 PM): Wait no, 8.
J4deninj44 (9:30:16 PM)
Ebil Dia (9:30:19 PM)
: ...that's an unconventional way of having grandkids.
J4deninj44 (9:32:08 PM): DUDE!!!
J4deninj44 (9:32:10 PM)
: This ROCKS!
J4deninj44 (9:32:28 PM)
: Izanami since she's dead is all maggoty.
J4deninj44 (9:32:37 PM)
: So Izanagi was like "EWWWW!"
J4deninj44 (9:32:40 PM)
: And ran.
Ebil Dia (9:32:50 PM)
: XD
J4deninj44 (9:32:52 PM): So Izanami was like "BITCH! I told you not ot look!"
Ebil Dia (9:32:59 PM)
: That's where he goes into the underworld to find her, ne?
J4deninj44 (9:33:07 PM): And her maggot demons were all like RAR!
J4deninj44 (9:33:29 PM)
: So Izanagi threw peaches at them and the maggots were like, "DAMMIT!" and gave up.
J4deninj44 (9:34:02 PM)
: So then Izanami was like" HO! I'll get you myself" So Izanagi was lik "AAAAAH!" And closed her up in hell with a boulder.
Ebil Dia (9:34:34 PM)
: o_o
J4deninj44 (9:34:37 PM): THEN Izanami was like....."If you don't move this damn boulder, I will smite 1,000 of your hos!"
Ebil Dia (9:36:02 PM)
: XD
J4deninj44 (9:36:02 PM): And Izanagi was like: "Bitch, I'll shut all them menstrating and pregnant bitches in HUTS!"
J4deninj44 (9:36:18 PM)
J4deninj44 (9:36:46 PM)
: So then he was like: ...."Dude that was gross. I need a bath."
J4deninj44 (9:37:10 PM)
: So he got undressed and awhat do you know... MORE DEITIES!
Ebil Dia (9:37:45 PM)
: well shit sticks, they can't do anything without making babies, can they?
J4deninj44 (9:38:38 PM): Indeed.
J4deninj44 (9:40:26 PM)
: Oh, shit. The Sun Goddess did it with her brother...and had deites. Then he got all pissy and shit all over her palace.
J4deninj44 (9:40:53 PM)
: So she was all. "Oh don't mind him. The bitch just drunk."
Ebil Dia (9:41:22 PM)
: This is some crazy shit
J4deninj44 (9:42:10 PM): THEN! Her wacked out brother, skinned her pony, dropped it through the roof on her weaving.
J4deninj44 (9:42:26 PM)
: So she flipped out, "struck her genitals with the shuttle" and DIED!
J4deninj44 (9:42:41 PM)
: Oh wait. the Weaving maiden died.
J4deninj44 (9:43:03 PM)
: The Sun Goddess locked herself in a cave.
Ebil Dia (9:43:22 PM)
: o__o
J4deninj44 (9:44:28 PM): Dude....you HAVE to read this. It is the BEST literature EVER!
Ebil Dia (9:45:26 PM)
: *laughs*
Ebil Dia (9:45:31 PM): Maybe sometime...
J4deninj44 (9:46:11 PM): Wow.......I'm so amused it hurts. Now that I've finished that I'll go back to boring old economics. :P
Ebil Dia (9:46:40 PM)
: Good luck with that.
J4deninj44 (9:47:27 PM): *sneezes and creates DEITIES!*
J4deninj44 (9:52:06 PM)
: Darn, closed the window. Save me a log of that will ya, hon ?
Ebil Dia (9:52:26 PM)
: sure thing