Magitek Armored Corps
Mecha and Weaponry

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Magitek Armor and Machinist Armor
Magitek Armor are usually bipedal machines capable of performing magic as well as attacks with advanced mechanical weaponry. Piloted by special individuals called 'Teks'. They come in a wide variety of designs. There are mecha for land, sea, air, and, a limited few for space. The same can be said for the machinst armors except that they lack the ability to cast magic. However, what they lack magically they make up for in advanced weaponry. **All values are from 0-10 unless otherwise specified.**

Key aspects of Armor:

Speed--SPD The measure of how fast the armor can go without extra attachments
Agility--AGL The armor's ability to turn tightly and evade attacks.
Strength--STR The armor's physical ability. To attack, to pull or push,and lift. The armor's brute strength.
Equip Ability--E.ABL How much the armor can equip to it's basic frame and still maintain operation. (STR^2 - (equipment used))
Flight Ablity--F.ABL Not only how high an armor can fly but also for how long.
Defense--DEF How much an armor can withstand against physical attacks.
Magic Attack--M.ATK Determined greatly by how much magic ability is gotten through to the armor from the pilot but also how much the magic is enhanced.
Magic Defense--M.DEF The Armor's natural shield to magic.
Endurance--END How long the armor can go in battle continuously without rest. Armors run on a mixture of mana and oil. Using Magic takes up endurance. Once endurance is used up the armor cannot move until a third of it's endurance is replenished. Resting replenishs endurance. (M.ATK*10) For Machinist armors Endurance is STR*10. Excessive boosting, hard labor, and other excessive actions, like firing all weapons at once, all expend END. The same can be said for magitek armor as well.
Armor Points--AP How much damage the mech can sustain before it is inoperable. (DEF+M.DEF)*STR

Magitek Armors
Shadowstorm OPT-LTX9

Shadowstorm Basic

Statistics: 70 AP (armor points)
Speed: 4 Defense: 5
Agility: 4 Magic Attack: 5
Strength: 7 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 49 Endurance: 50
Flight Ability: 2

Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) == 12-22
A balanced mecha based on the original Magitek design, designed for mobility and efficiency against single targets. The Shadowstorm is often painted either black or a dark camoflauge grey, has two "chicken walker" (i.e. inverted, > shaped leg joints) style legs and a pair of long arms ending in immense claws. The cockpit itself is multiply reinforced to cut down on damage, and is located in the center of the mecha as with most models.

The Shadowstorm carries weaponry designed to deal with single targets efficiently, but is less effective when used against large groups or for destruction of multiple targets simultaneously. Equipped with no less than six arm and torso mounted Prism Beam Cannons (a type of laserlike weapon of which are mana based), a pair of shoulder mounted Tek-Missile launchers (of which launch in rack sizes of 10), and a chest mounted pair of AP Rays (armor piercing lasers of which deal intensely focused damage over a small area). The Shadowstorm is also equipped with four leg mounted boosters, of which enable limited flight and greater side to side mobility in emergencies.
Possible Equip: missiles, heavy armor, shields
Shadowcat GTXL 2439

Shadowcat (Hayako Custom Paintjob)

Statistics: 24 AP
Speed: 6 Defense: 3
Agility: 5 Magic Attack: 5
Strength: 3 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 9 Endurance: 50
Flight Ability: 3
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) == 16-26
A landbased mech built for ambush attacks. One of the fastest armors in production, the Shadowcat is capable of reaching speeds of 200 MPH on a straight away. Nimble, light, it is also silent and an extremely good jumper. It's sometimes used in reconnaisance missions since it is stealty.

Able to equip light guns but has little in the way of projectile defense. There is a sharp blade at the end of the tail for slicing and stabbing. Additional weaponry can be added but each weapon comprimises the lightweight mechs speed and agility.
Possible Equip: light guns, claws
Mephisto MK-17

Mephisto Basic

Statistics: 50 AP
Speed: 6 Defense: 5
Agility: 5 Magic Attack: 6
Strength: 5 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 25 Endurance: 60
Flight Ability: 4
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==17-27
The Mephisto is designed to be the ultimate in effieciency, pioneering entirely new methods of destruction and allowing for tactics of which were previously unheard of as a result. The mech itself is moderately armored and shaped as a human would be--a human in ancient Dragoon's armor from the early Gaeran Periods.

While this mecha is only moderately speedy (without added horizontal jet propulsion), its primary, function is assault, eliminating targets with a nasty barrage before they are able to respond. This modern conterpart to predecessor Dragoon armor lives up to its history, an is equipped with no less than 12 lag and hip mounted jump jet ports for great mobility and air combat potential, enabling it to fight in the sam manner as the dragoons of lore.

The Mephisto employs sophisticated, experimental weoponry, such as the Nanotech Cannon, a weapon of which launches a swarm of microscopic, semi-intelligent robots to rapidly, dismantle, enemy weaponry, and vital systems. two such launchers are mounted on the shoulders, and the torso contains no less that four AP Rays. Each hand/wrist contains two Extended Range Prism Beams.

Perhaps the most interesting function of the Mephisto's weaponry is a chest mounted short range teleporter, currently known as a Phase Projection. This Weapon functions by caussing involuntary short range teleportation of its targets, throwing the pilot off balance at best, and at worst, 'porting him or her directly into a solid object, like another mecha or rock.

Mounted on both sides of the Phase Projector are a pair of Gravity Generators, short range weapons of which increase gravitational pull on an object to crushing levels of force, immobilizing targets, or else smashing them like tin cans in a compactor.
Possible Equip: Plasma lance, metal lance, light armor
Halcon-AZ- 417-011

Halcon Basic

Statistics: 40 AP
Speed: 4 Defense: 5
Agility: 2 Magic Attack: 4
Strength: 4 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 16 Endurance: 40
Flight Ability: 0
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) == 8-18
The AZ-417 is an older model, built for endurance and function. It was once the best of all meches in strength and agility, but has since been outclassed by newer models. Still, while AZ-417s are not spectacular performers by today's standards, their ability to withstand battle and function for long periods of time make them useful in wearing down enemy forces.

The AZ-417 is normally equipped with a light gun in its tail, a wing vulcan in front of the cockpit, two rocket launchers on either side of the cockpit, and heavy blades on its forearms for close combat. Nadie's AZ-417-011, Halcón, has had the rocket launchers removed, to allow for greater speed in combat.
Possible Equip: light guns, missile weapons (disabled), claws
Aquastar AKCN 2399

Picture N/A

Statistics: 35 AP
Speed: 1 Defense: 4
Agility: 2 Magic Attack: 5
Strength: 5 Magic Defense: 3
Equip Ability: 25 Endurance: 50
Flight Ability: 3
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==8-18
The Aquastar AKCN 2399 is one of the latest mecha to come into production. A warrior mech based on the humanoid form, it is designed to deal large amounts of damage both mechanically and magically while still maintaining a modicum of defense. This mecha, equipped for Tek pilots, is equipped with an eight sided, upright cockpit, geared towards giving the pilot optimal realism when in the cyberplane by adding the extra element of real gravity to the experience. There are two arms, designed in human fashion, with one arm having 2 fingers and a thumb, and the other is composed of nanorobots, which are slightly magically attuned so whatever form they choose best fits the pilot, whether it be a cannon, a scythe, or another clawed hand. This hand is used to focus the pilot's elemental attacks.

Equip ability is relatively low, but a fair amount of extra weapons can be mounted on the mech. Speed is slightly above average, but still does not match up to speedy mechs like the Shadowcat. Two rather effective jump jets are mounted on the back, and can be positioned to provide the mech with rushing attacks.
Possible Equip: light armor, guns

Inferno Basic

Statistics: 77 AP
Speed: 4 Defense: 6
Agility: 4 Magic Attack: 6
Strength: 7 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 49 Endurance: 60
Flight Ability: 1
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) == 11-21
The Inferno in it's overal shape resembles the Shadowstorm with the head of the mech resembling a sleek black dragon's head. Built into each of the the shoulder joints are two red gems which supply power to the massive arms via glowing red veins. It's segmented tail ends in a drill. The Mech is very heavy, but can fly, but for a very limited amount of time and distance as its fuel to hover is burned up quickly. A large investment goes into the power of the mech. It's massive claws are destructive enough and hit has no other weapons on its basic frame. The Inferno is a specialized mech, majoring in fire and earth attacks.
Possible Equip: medium armor, missiles
Basilisk C-773Y

This mecha is heavily armored, moderately speedy, and designed to incapacitate or destroy enemy mechs quickly. The mech itself resembles a giant, upright walking lizard, and is usually painted shades which compliment this body shape--grey, green, or tan, as well as camoflauge variants on each of those body colors. The mecha has a row of menacing, reptile-like "spines" all the way up and down its back, and its armor is arranged in layered plates to further remind all who lay eyes upon it of a mechanical lizard.

Weaponwise, the Basilisk gets its name from a magically oriented main weapon mounted in the head. Like the Basilisk of mythological legend (and some are still rumored to exist), the Basilisk C-773Y is equipped with a pair of cannons which project a medium range petrification beam. This beam turns metal, flesh, plant life, etc. into granite rapidly, but using it requires the Tek piloting it to expend his own energy to cast a spell, which is then focused by the cannons. As back up weapons, the Basilisk has four chest mounted machine guns, a pair of shoulder mounted prism beam cannons, and a highly effective wrist plasmathrower, which operates on a the same principle as a flamethrower. If the mecha runs out of ammunition or energy, the pilot may resort to using its powerful jaws in a biting attack.

Machinist Armors

Picture N/A

Statistics: 32 AP
Speed: 4 Defense: 3
Agility: 2 Magic Attack: ---
Strength: 4 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 16 Endurance: 7
Flight Ability: 0
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==8-18
A medium-light mech, with "chicken walker" legs, with the usual cockpit in the middle of the mech. This mech is pretty well rounded up in terms of speed, but lacks when it comes to armor. Weapon-wise, it usually contains two laser guns mounted within it's arms. It's power, however, lies in the weapon on it's back, a Mk V Cannon. This mech is usually good for use in situations where the enemy has to be destroyed before close-quarters combat begins. These mechs are also usually kept in back rows in large battles as support.
Possible Equip: N/A
NightWalker FASGX213-J

Picture N/A

Statistics: 54 AP
Speed: 4 Defense: 4
Agility: 5 Magic Attack: ---
Strength: 6 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 36 Endurance: 60
Flight Ability: 2
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==13-23
This model was designed almost from scratch, however, it's shape resembles some of the older models, consisting of a large-framed medium-weight humanoid mech. However, apart from it's basic frame, it has nothing to do with the older models. The NightWalker was created with the aim of being able to take on any type of mech, and have the appropriate method of destroying it. The mech is roughly humanoid, consisting of two legs connected to three-fingered feet, which lead to a wide-chested torso, and two, also humanoid arms, which can open up to reveal the weapons. The head is also humanoid, but it's cockpit, which is held there, consists of a slit where the eyes should be. Two antennae rise from its head, serving as a radar

Weapon-wise, it has two rather large missile racks configured for long and middle range lock-on, a gatling gun, which can fire off large bullets at a very high rate of fire, and a blade, which has the capability of being charged with electricity. The armor, of course, is adapted for this kind of weapon, as it is made up of two sheets of metal, insulated in the middle. However, otherwise, the NightWalker boasts no other methods of defense.

The NightWalker also has two large Jump Jets on it's back, which allow for air maneuvrability when needed. In terms of speed, the NightWalker is neither fast nor slow, just like the original model it was based on. The NightWalker's best card, however, lies in three sets of "zipper" missiles- fast missiles with a lock-on that almost never miss, but that deal practically no damage. However, the missiles on the NightWalker are appropriately customized, to have different effects. One of the sets is used to fly at the cockpit, and explode in a bright flash, hopefully dazing or temporarily blinding the pilot. The second one is set to fly at the radar, and release magnetic charges that stick to the radar and prevent it from working. The third one is mostly used as a decoy for missiles and other such weapons.
Possible Equip: missiles, guns, light armor, medium armor
Garuda RST-59Zf4

Picture N/A

Statistics: 21 AP
Speed: 8 Defense: 2
Agility: 7 Magic Attack: --
Strength: 3 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 9 Endurance: 30
Flight Ability: 4
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==21-31

The Garuda is a rather odd design. Capable of high-speed maneuvers and carrying heavy armaments at the same time. Obviously, at the cost of armor...a lot of it. It is usually painted white and blue, and has a somewhat spindly, hunched over appearance, due to being front-heavy. The front-heaviness is counterbalanced by the pair of wings and (usually) heavy armaments mounted on the back.
The Garuda's standard armament can often vary, but usually consists of two cannons, a gun, and a claw.Sarazashii's personal model is equipped with a WG-MG291 machine gun, one with a high rate of fire, two railguns, and a claw with vibro-blades.This mecha is devastating in general, carrying high speed and heavy weapons, but however, it is not known for taking a beating. A direct grenade hit or something similar can end a fight in a single hit for this mecha.
Possible Equip:Shoulder-mounted cannons, light guns, medium guns, swords, claws.

Stryfe Basic

Statistics: 21 AP
Speed: 3 Defense: 7
Agility: 5 Magic Attack: --
Strength: 5 Magic Defense: 5
Equip Ability: 25 Endurance: 50
Flight Ability: 3
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==13-25

It's really a fairly average mech. Mostly uncustomized. Aside from the weapons, it's somewhat light, with decent boosters for both jumping and charging. His main differences come in the choice of weapons. The Left arm is tweaked for a heavy shield. If it weren't for the shield add-on, he'd be low on armor and a bit faster.
Possible Equip:Shoulder-mounted cannons, light guns, medium guns, swords,

Picture N/A

Statistics: 91 AP
Speed: 4 Defense: 7
Agility: 4 Magic Attack: --
Strength: 7 Magic Defense: 6
Equip Ability: 49 Endurance: 70
Flight Ability: 2
Basic Initiative: (SPD+AGI+FLI+2d6 ) ==12-22

A variant of the Mephisto, the GrivanSteel is partly a custom design by Jerry Meliamne II. It is designed not as a copycat of the Mephisto, but as something that is at least partly original. Jerry got some of the ideas for this mech from creatures he had heard of in his youth - such as scorpions. The GrivanSteel is a heavier design than the Mephisto, shaped somewhat like a human, but with some major differences. The armor on this mech is thicker than the Mephisto's, and looks much like a scorpion's shell. The right arm ends in a hand that can carry most weapons or lift things. The left arm, however, ends in a large pincer rather than a hand. This limb has a very heavy cannon in between the two 'claws' on the pincer, and the pincer itself can trap a mech if it gets close enough, usually spelling impending doom for the enemy mech's pilot as it uses its ammunition to blow away the target. The chest of the mech is equipped with an autocannon for use at close ranges only.

The tail of this mech is one of the more stunning features. Typically, it is kept hidden in the 'back' of the mech when not in use. However, when in combat, the tail, which appears to have a rather large and sharp blade on it, is brought above the head of the mech. There is a heavy laser in the tail, but the tail can also stab at an opposing mech, cutting through most kinds of armor like a laser would cut through steel. The feet are shaped like a human's, but each foot has three jump jets in it that allow some air maneuverability.

All this stuff on the mech, however, gives it a few more problems than the Mephisto would have when it comes to speed. Speed is not the advantage of this mech, however. It is the sheer capability to be equipped with a variety of weapon configurations, the bladed tail, and the large pincer-claw that give the GrivanSteel an advantage in the field.

Possible Equip: (on right hand) Swords, axes, hammers, handguns, rapid-fire guns; (in left pincer) heavy cannons, extreme-sized cannons; (in chest) chainguns; (on tail) beam cannons

Mage Battle Suits/Armors

Standard Model-A1

Standard Model-female

Speed: +3 Defense: +3
Agility: +3 Magic Attack: +2
Strength: +2 Magic Defense: +3
Flight Ability: 0

Armor made of a alurinium alloy, a very light but strong metal made in Baron. The armor incomapasses the chest, shoulder, arms, head, and legs. A variety of footwear can be used with the Standard but for normal ground combat, "razor blades" are the choice. The razor blades are able to cut across the terrain at high speeds. "Hover blades" are the choice for marshy battles or sands.

They helmets are customizable as well as the colors. This model is given to beginners but those with strong magic may prefer it so that they can cast with now destractions or enhancements. Some Standards are equipped with guns or lasers but those are extra additions.

JZ-263 Urban Stalker

Picture N/A

Speed: +2 Defense: +5
Agility: +2 Magic Attack: +1
Strength: +3 Magic Defense: +1
Flight Ability: 0

Armor made of Nerithium alloy, a light but stronger alloy than alurium from the northern region. The Urbanstalker is 10 feet tall and works with the mage like a hand in a puppet. It uses a little Tek technology in the way is allows for magic to be cast but in all it is completely the mages magic cabability.
It has heavier equipment than the Standard and is more of a support/defense model than offensive. It can equip a variety of light weaponry like missiles, guns, hand held weapons, and shields but beware hand-held weapon can greatly hinder the ability to cast magic, especially high level spells that require precise hand movement. More Detail