New Updates

January 25, 2002
Yes, it does indeed live. As with most of my other projects this one got hit by a severe bout of apathy. But, thanks to a slightly different focus, it still lives. Expect more work for the time being to be on the foundations of the world and a bit to catch up on the Dueling forum. Also, a new bit of history from SYE ought to be up soon enough. For now though, check out the new World section.

August 8, 2001
Another one so soon? What can I say, I got busy today and churned out three sections for your perusal. New to the items section are the detailed pages for instruments, technology, and tools. Anyways, my shoulder is sore from all the typing today, so I'll make this brief and sign off now.

August 5, 2001
Alright! We've got ourselves another update. The places list is now up for your perusal.

In other notes, I've recently been given a large chunk of the history by Section Yea Eighth. Some real high quality stuff even though it's (like everything else around this site) only partially done and has some editing left to do. So, once it's been formatted into HTML it'll also be going up because this stuff is too good to keep under wraps. Anyways, that about does it for now.

August 3, 2001
Hmmm, been quite the while since I updated last... Ah well, things have definatly picked up again with work proceeding on the places list. However, that's not quite done yet. What I do have for you all is an upgrade to all of the fully done pages. What does this mean? It means that the Beginner's Page, the Weapons and Transportation Page, the Item Guide Page, and the Elements page have all been converted to HTML. A huge thank to Krono for taking the time to get that done. Aside from that, nothing else to report at the moment.

July 12, 2001
Ok, so my pace has slackened a bit. It's going to be a bit slow for the next little while as well since I've reached the point where I'm gonna have to trawl the archives again... This time including the Original Bardic Wars and the Moogle Wars. However, that's not what's new. The new stuff up now is a partially done Newbie section, and I've devided the entire items list up into all of the subsections. So, all of the items catagories with either be detailed, or at least have a list of all the stuff in them.

As for why I'm going trawling through the archives when I'm not done with the items just yet, it's because I want to have up a list of places, and I need to go hunting for a trait list for the newbie guide. I'd like to get these up and done fast for all the new peope who've arrived with the board. But, until these are up, feel free to get in touch with me, or just post on the newbie board or RP Board and somebody will help you.

July 6, 2001
Important News! The Adventurers! forum has moved. However, in lieu of this, all links have been changed (that's right, all one of 'em are right on target!). In more important news, I've finally made a proper index section. I really don't know why nobody commented on that before, but it's been done, and I'm glad it has been.

In other news, progress on the newbie section has been slow, and progress on the character section is going to be halted for a little while. On the other hand, SYE is turning his talents over to history. Once that's done then he's gonna go back to characters. Also of note is the addition of Reako to the team. He's going to be working on the magic section and is currently compiling a list of magic to work on. So, thing's are going strong here even though the end is still far off.

July 3, 2001
New stuff. First off, the transportation section is now up. You may also notice that there are names in some of the Notes sections. That's because those are comments sent to me by other people on the forum that I found to be fitting. Those can be updated at any time, and won't be mentioned here as they're not worthy of a full scale update. Second, I've gotten my first look at what Section Yea Eighth is doing with the character section, and I must say that it looks very impressive. And that's just with Aosloidion and SYE done. Can't wait to see what he does with Excal.

Also of note, is that next up is not going to be a continuation of the items list. But instead it's going to be the newbie guide. As such, I'd like to send out a call, once again, for any tips anyone may have. This is basically meant to offer some warning for those of you wanting to take advantage of some interesting classes like time traveller, and demi-god. There are quite definatly cons for those, quite big ones for the time travelling. But, more on that next update.

Finally, if you have any comments, email me at

June 28, 2001
Ok, quick update. First off, on the elements list, Balance has been replaced by Order. Second, there's now a thread in the forum for those who wish to make a comment without contacting me personally. Just go to it here. Also of interest is the new and improved items section. Right now it's just gonna be ye olde text files with scrolling to the side and whatnot. But, as soon as it's done, what I have done will be replaced by proper HTML. So, there's the new items page and the only section that'll be up is the weapons section

In other news, I'd like to offer a thank you to Krono who's offered his help for the write up on the End on Time.

Anyways, that's it for right now. As always, feedback will be appreciated at

June 19, 2001
The site is officially up. This site is only going to be temporary until everything is up and I have a set web design.

Anyways, up with this site is the first catalogue of items from the archives and a description of the base elements and the "void".

Anyways, thanks go out to Section Yea Eighth and Liquid-X, both of whom have offered to help thus far. And a call to new posters for any questions about getting started and old posters for tips on getting started for a general guide would be appreciated.

As always, flames, questions, and comments are welcomed so e-mail me at

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