A Brief History of This Planet

(alternatively, The Incomprehensible Muddle)

Assembled and Updated by one Kevin "Section Yea Eighth" Ma
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The history of This Planet (and the universe it resides in) is problematic at best; many an unwary historian has been reduced to so much bubbling goo by its byzantine and illogical chains of cause and effect. Calendar systems were virtually non-existent in ancient times, and continue to be absent (or inaccurate) in several places today. For this reason, this history will be organized around quests, not years, each storyline presented in full in order of publication with only an approximate estimate as to where each event occurred in time. For the sake of chronology, the start of the First Bardic War will henceforth be year 0; other events will either be Before Commencement (BC) or After Commencement. Note the actual length of a year is left to one's imagination. Be warned: several aspects of the original chronicles have been modified (sometimes even ignored) for the sake of clarity. Read the original posts for the whole story.

Chapter 1: The Origins

Chapter 2: The Moogle and Epsilon Wars

Chapter 3: The Real Bardic War

Chapter 4: The Wingly War