The elements:

First Of All, Child, Everything Has Some Connection To One Or More Of The "Base" Elements. These Are Life And Death, Good And Evil, Balance And Chaos, Time And Space. EVERYTHING Has Some Connection To At Least One Of These Base Elements.
- The Guide, Daryl's Journey to the Underworld

Life energy is the energy that allows life. This is one of the highest of elements and the basis of all living things. The skills in this catagory are also among the hardest to learn as they can not only extend the life of a person, but also grant a person the ability to restore life to the dead, although there are limits even for the best practitioners of this magic.

Death energy is not the energy that allows death (which is simply the absence of life magic) but what causes undeath. The skills given by this energy are those coveted by necromancers and allow one to reanimate dead corpses or to try and cancle the life energy in a given target. It is said that some who practise this magic do not die, but instead go straight to undeath.

Space is not just the magic of those old favourites, length, width, and hight, but also of other dimensions and general physical rules therein. This grants users of space magic not just control of spells of size and form, but also allows them more potent spells such as levitation and limited control over gravity as well as the ability to traverse dimensions. Many of Reako's spells thus far have been of this type.

This is the magic of the fourth dimension. In some respects, this domain offers less versatility than Space. But it makes up for it in sheer power. Second only to chaos in terms of power time magic lets one manipulate time so that time may flow slower or faster for a particular target and allows time travel. More extreme time magic allows one to simply stop the flow of time for a target or to try and phase a target out of time or shift it to a dead timeline. One can also use time magic to view the future, but improper preparation can destroy the mind of the caster due to the sheer amount of conflicting futures. This highlights a reward of time magic but also shows one of the many dangers facing its practitioners. In addition, this branch is also the swiftest to exact punishment for those who abuse its power. The only character on the board belonging in this catagory is Krono.

This energy is often called Holy magic or white magic. It is often combined with Life magic. The spells of this type are typically about preservation of the creatures of life. This means that practitioners of this magic usually have at their command healing and protective spells. Although, it also has the powerful Holy magic attack as well as a few other light based spells. The board character aligned with this element is Amber.

This magic is sometimes called evil magic or black magic. These spells generally involve twisting lesser elemental power into destructive force as well as augmenting the power of oneself and others. Unlike Light magic's emphasis on protection, Dark magic focuses on quickly destroying obsticles and thus has nmany destructive spells and anti-barrier magic. The only current board member with an affinity to Dark Magic is Lord Halifax.

Chaos is the energy that causes the unpredictable. It's sometimes referred to as fate and destiny, although those two are different in that they are often tinged with either light or dark elements too. Chaos is easily the most powerful of the eight base elements, but it is also the least focused which makes it easier to block than other types. Spells and affects in this catagory usually effect a large area around the intended target, and generally favour destructive effects. Another trait of chaos magic is that it is highly unpredictable. They will often have strange results as well as uneven potency and even different appearance. No two castings would ever be the same. Despite the massive destruction caused by these spells, it is not evil in and of itself as there is no rational behind the destruction. Users of this magic are Liquid-X and Excal. Valen is an incarnation of one of the derivatives of Chaos energy.

Order is the energy that makes things possible. It's generally the energy of the predictable and stable. It's what makes your toast land butter side down, it's the force that lets cats land on their feet. Order is easily the weakest of the eight base elements, but it makes up for this not only by being one which naturally focuses, which makes it seem stronger than it is, but also because it is also the most reliable type, having each casting be the same unless there are extenuating circumstance, as well as being the type that most easily combines with other types of magic. It also carries the added affect of being the only sort of magic which can combine two other opposing magics. People with this affinity are limited to Gerad, although Daryl is a demi-goddess in one of the major derivative elements of this type.

Void is a nondimensional element. This, in effect, makes it a highly powerful non-elemental category. However, the void, by its very nature, does not exsist in the universe, and thus can only be used by those powerful enough to reach "the void" and draw power from it. Something few are able to do and survive.